Searching and Wandering for some exciting working opportunities? Fate and your surfing skills landed you at the right place. 5 Core is a huge platform for any fresher or an experienced professional. 

Why work at 5 Core?

Apart from being the largest Audio & Electronics Group, 5 Core is also a great hub for nurturing talents and increasing one’s skill set. Our reputation as the best electronics manufacturing team in the world brings in the extra X-Factor everyone craves for. Team 5 Core always promises to make your working experience exciting and fun learning. Following are the best reasons why 5 Core is definitely best for you and your career growth.

Perks & Benefits:

  1. Full Take Home Salary, No Deductions. Excellent Financial Growth prospects for a better Career & Future.
  2. Excellent performance-based rewards along with excellent On-Time salaries. 

  3. Paid Training sessions with leading industry experts. 

  4. Continuous guidance with various tools for further business development. 

  5. Job Satisfaction to the 100% Level. 

  6. The flexibility of working times according to the position. 

  7. Opportunity to Learn and Develop Skills with the latest American Standard. 

  8. The latest Tools & Software for personal and corporate growth are provided by the company. 

  9. A healthy working environment where every team member is treated equally. 

  10. 5 Core prioritizes teamwork as it is a road towards greater success. 

    Apply to the job roles in the niche of your expertise and get a chance to be a part of this amazing working family. We don't offer jobs We offer Careers. I am ready to bid for my Career.

Job Position

1.Video Editors

2.SEO Developer

3.Backend developer

4.Content Writer

5.Graphics Designers

6.Listing Experts

7.Digital Marketing


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