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5 Core’s another segment of amplifiers is followed by the office/ home amplifier segment. All home audio amplifier & home stereo amplifier is built with features to support stereo Surround Sound. This powerful piece of kit guarantees great audio experiences by your home speakers. These can be used in Marine Boats or vehicles, RVs, etc., as they have a 12V Battery power input. It can also be used in small offices. They also have microphone and USB / MMTC inputs with Bluetooth Connectivity.

A home amp is the beating heart of any home sound system. Behind every fantastic sound system, there’s a home amp sitting there and supplying the power to the audio system so they can perform better. 5 Core is an award-winning premium electronic product manufacturer with decades of experience building some of the best home amplifier systems in the industry.

If you are not satisfied with the result from your present sound system, give the 5 Core home audio amplifier or home stereo amplifier a chance. We are confident you will love the performance boost and enjoy the excellence of true music.

5 Core home amplifiers in brief

2 Channel Outdoor 12 volt Bass Balanced AMP SA35

The 12-volt Bass Balanced AMP SA35 is an outstanding home amplifier that can deliver roaring bass and maintain crisp high quality. This is easily one of the most affordable home stereo amp available in the market. This is a great start if you have a tight budget or want to taste how a home amps could boost performance. Your first-hand experience will be great, and it won’t hurt your wallet that much.

12 volt Bass Balanced AMPThe design has nice aesthetic touch and comes with control knobs to control the input and output of the amplifier. Let’s explore some of the major advantages it offers:

There are many more benefits of 2 Channel Outdoor 12 volt Bass Balanced AMP SA35. It should fit with any existing sound system and complement them for a better output. Any genre gets significant boosts from this amp and makes the music lively.

  • The AMP SA35 home amplifier comes with a fully-functional remote control. You can personalize your music at your convenience.
  • It has a separate P-38 Jack for low impedance Microphone Input. You can use it for Karaoke night or any smaller events.
  • There are individual knobs in the mini amplifier that let you control bass, treble, balance & master volume easily.
  • The versatile RCA Socket gives the user flexibility to use Mobile, DVD, TV, or laptop as an input method.
  • The home amp has FM functionalities. The powerful antenna helps to receive proper radio inputs.
  • Four high-quality speakers can be easily added to the amplifier for better surround results.
  • MMC/ TF Input, AUX Input, MIC Input, USB
  • Certified by the best quality engineer team.

2 Channel Home Audio Amplifier 400W Amp 5C AMP 31

Streaming through 5C AMP 31 always brings the best results. The sleek design and capable circuits deliver fantastic results that an audiophile will love. Made with durable material and highly cable engineers, this is a true marvel of a home amplifier system. 

Audio Amplifier 400W Amp 5C AMP 31

The home audio amplifier is lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Therefore, if you want to take it out on tour, you can do that very easily! Let’s explore some of the major advantages it brings to the table:

  • Copper wire and best-grade core.
  • Certified by the best quality engineer team
  • Fully featured remote control to personalize the music.
  • A wide variety of input methods thanks to the RCA Socket.
  • There’s also MMC/ TF Input, AUX Input, and USB input.
  • Two-way power Source Mini Amplifier – AC 220V-240V.
  • Inbuilt FM radio system with powerful antenna for better reception.
  • Powder-coated high-grade Sheet Metal Chassis with an easy-to-carry handle.
  • And many more.

The home audio amplifier AMP 31 is a powerful amplifier designed to offer the best music experience without putting much effort. You do not need to be an audio wizard to set this amplifier. It is a simple, easy-to-use plug-and-play system with promising features and proven results.


If you are searching for an amplifier that lets you play music at its best, then look no further. The 5 Core home amplifier has a vast happy & satisfied user base. And we would love for you to experience the same & superb music by using our mini home amp. These amps are made by a highly capable team who knows how to bring out the best audio excellence.