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Premium quality 5 Core’s Pro Audio XLR Wired Mics and Wireless UHF & VHF Digital microphones are sure shot winners. Our Pro Audio variety includes Dynamic Mic with Neodymium Cartridges, Condenser Microphones, Podcast & Quadcast Studio microphones, Karaoke Singing Microphones, Vocal mics, Bluetooth mic, Lavalier & Lapel Collar Mic, Mic for pc, Gaming mic, Interview Mics, Shotgun Mics, Camera microphones, iPhone mic, USB Mics, Computer Mics, Desktop mics, Recording microphones, Stage Mics and Mini Mics for kids and a lot of microphones inalambricos professional range. Best buy mic from recognised mic manufacturer.


Best buy microphone for your needs

Professional audio content makes all the difference. Whether you are recording music, streaming games, or doing a general podcast or sound-over, you need a high-quality mic to achieve professional production quality. The best microphone is not merely for high quality, but it is also for ease of use and flexibility.

Therefore, buying the best microphone is a big moment. However, people often get confused while picking up the right microphone. And it is not their fault because there are massive options out there & many things to learn about mics. Sounds hard? It should not have to be if you ask yourself four simple questions.

How Will You Use Your New Mic?


The most important thing you should ask yourself before buying the mic is how you plan to use it. Most manufacturers design and produce mics for specific types of the sound source. There are mics specifically meant for vocal artists, and many mics are made to work with guitars. Do you need the microphone for recording in the studio, or will you scream your heart out during the Karaoke session? Your use case will always play a massive and vital part in buying the best mic.


Decide on your budget


Your budget to obtain the best microphone will certainly play a big factor. You need to be very clear about how much you can spend. Once you have the exact number, you can shortlist hundreds of microphones and make a list much smaller. Figure out the budget and go through the mic list. You can filter our products from Low to High as well as High to Low. This will help you to pick the right mic within moments.

Decide on your budget

Wired microphone Vs. wireless mic


Are you a stage performer and need to move around a lot? You must buy a wireless mic if your requirement is effortless movement while performing or making audio content. Though the wireless mics are electronically similar to the wired mic, what differs here is that the wireless mic includes a powerful transmitter.



This gives the microphone a greater range of movement. The battery-powered transmitter in the mic connects with the PA system receiver, giving you the flexibility to move around. On the other hand, if you believe your mic will be attached to a stand or mic holder, you can buy a wired microphone instead.

Types of Microphones


Most micro falls under two categories: Dynamic and Condenser mics. If you want to buy the best mic for your needs, you have to know the distinction between the two.


Typically, a dynamic mic is more rugged compared to condenser mics. Therefore, if you are going out for a stage performance or karaoke night, buying a dynamic microphone is ideal. A condenser microphone is not rigid. In fact, they are very delicate and sensitive. Hence, it is used inside closed doors, such as recording studios. 




The condenser mic is best for you if you want to buy the best microphone for recording or streaming. Purchasing the dynamic mic makes a lot more sense if you plan to use the mic in an exposed environment, such as stage performance, karaoke, band recording, etc.



To buy the best microphone, whether it is a wired mic or a wireless mic, you have to recognize your needs and budget first. Once you have a clear understanding of those, what is left is the feature list. And for your convenience, we have listed each of our mics’ benefits/ features in the simplest manner. Pick a mic according to your budget, visit the dedicated microphone page, and read through the features. And once you are settled into your desired mic, simply place the order. We will take care of the rest.


If you want to buy the best microphone for Karaoke, we have made a dedicated blog of Top Five Karaoke Microphones. Read the blog, and in the end, you can pick the best karaoke mic without spending hours researching.