Thinking of purchasing a piano stand? A portable piano keyboard stand is one of the essential keyboard accessories a professional & beginner instrument player needs right from the start. It helps the user be more comfortable and maintain the correct posture even while playing for a longer session.

Today we have gathered some of the crucial aspects of picking this important accessory the right way!

How to buy the right piano stand

Portability: As an instrument player, it is possible that you have to travel a lot with the piano stand. Therefore it should be highly portable, and the design must be compact. The 5 Core keyboard stand is made of composite material that reduces weight, and the design is flexible & compact. You can carry it in your car very easily.


Adjustability: The adjustability feature is essential for a piano keyboard stand. The shape or size of the stage can change from venue to venue. Sometimes you might have to set up your instrument on an open flat field! You have to be prepared for any situation or stage type! Buy a Keyboard stand that offers you easy adjustability.


Flexibility: The piano stand you get must have the flexibility to adjust its height. If you are in a band, you might have to share your equipment with other players. This is why the stand you get must be able to change its height according to the user's needs. Fortunately, the 5 Core digital Keyboard stand offers excellent & easy size adjustment!


Leg Room: A music session can run for a long time. And during that, your leg must get enough space to move around, so they do not start to get numb or make you uncomfortable. Buy a stand that has adequate legroom for optimum comfort.


Budget: Your choice will always revolve around the budget you have in hand. These stands comes at different prices. And, of course, your budget will determine what you get. Hence, know how much you are willing or can spend on the stand, start browsing the product, and pick accordingly.



A piano stand is very important for an instrument player. It offers you much-needed comfort and flexibility for your music session. 

Premium Keyboard/piano stand is available with single and double cross legs. A variety of stands includes Adjustable Keyboard Stand, Pre-Assembled Keyboard Stand, Hand Trigger Heavy Duty Piano Keyboard Riser Stand, Keyboard Stand Extension Adapter, and Piano Riser. All these products are aesthetically designed and are incorporated with long-lasting features. Good For Casio Keyboards and Digital Keyboards stand. They are stable and strong to support your valuable Pro Audio equipment. Piano Bench is also one of our lookout-for products.

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