Collection: Stands

Instruments stand crucial for every music artist or content producer. The audio stands are essential whether you are playing guitar, singing, or making content in your home studio. That is the reason here at 5 Core; we are proud to design and manufacture a plethora of distinct instruments that stand for different scenarios. Even though they are different from each other, they serve many common objectives, and they are as follows:


Mobility: Your music equipment will travel with you, and so will the instrument. Therefore, our designers are always approached to design a highly portable and compact stand that is easy to install and use. Instruments stand that are bulky and heavy will always create a hassle. Our audio stands are made to offer you comfort and flexibility.



Stability: Stability is another important factor that every instrument stand must carry. An unstable platform can create an embarrassing situation while performing on the stage or streaming online. Furthermore, there's always a risk of damaging your expensive equipment. When you are performing, you have to concentrate, and you need a distraction-free environment; if the stand you are using is not stable, you will face a lot of unwanted problems. 5 Core music instrument stands have high-quality rubber pads that firmly stick to the floor or the stage.



Flexibility: Flexibility is essential. The 5 Core instruments stand is made to offer you the utmost flexibility of changing its angle or orientation very easily. You can tilt the stand towards you, downward or upward, for convenience and safety. You never know which terrain you will perform; therefore, it is always good to be prepared beforehand!



Durability: Instrument stands must be rigid to handle all the external stress that occurs while transporting from place to place. The stand must be able to withstand some hits. 5 Core music instruments stand is made from high-quality and durable metal. The finish of the product and the coloring of the stands are premium and capable of handling accidental falls, tears, etc., without leaving bruises for audience members to see.



Height adjustment: Instruments stand must be height adjustable. A lot of time, the stands need to be shared with the other event performers. And certainly, every one of them will be a different size. The easiest solution here to fix the problem is the instrument stand itself. The 5 Core audio stands are designed very carefully to fit the need of everyone. The size can be adjusted and re-adjusted within a second to match the appropriate level.




Music instruments stand is essential for productive music or audio sessions. Without high-quality stands, your music equipment becomes vulnerable and susceptible to damage. Get the best stands from 5 Core at the lowest price for utmost flexibility, rigidness, durability, mobility, and many more!

There are varieties of pro audio stands available at 5 Core including Microphone Stands, Keyboard Stands, Drum Stools, Guitar Stands, Mobile Stands,  Music Sheet Stands, Tripod, and Wall Speaker Stands, Desktop Mic Stands, and Ring Light Stands. These stands are made of strong quality steel for stable balanced support of our precious instruments. They are resin powder coated to give provide aesthetic looks and long life.