Collection: Desktop Microphone Stand

A desktop mic stand is crucial to a productive audio recording or streaming session. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to produce professional-quality audio. And here is how you can choose the right Microphone desk Stand for your needs and wants.

Tips for picking the right Desktop mic stand

 Budget: The market for the desktop mic stand is diverse. There are hundreds of choices out there, making it difficult for an audio content maker to pick the right one. Knowing your budget will help you to narrow down this choice. Once you know how much you can spend on the mic desk stand, it will be much easier for you to pick one according to your needs and cash in hand.


Material: Your desktop mic stand doesn't sit ideally. What we mean by this is that the stand you buy won't be stuck to the desk floor. You will have to move it around very often. And when you do that, the stand might likely get damaged in the process. Thus, the Microphone desk Stand should be capable enough to handle accidental falls or beats! To avoid tears and breaks, the mic stand must be made from high-quality material, just like the 5 Core mic desk stand.

Stability: Stability is vital to produce professional audio. If your mic stands move around too often, you will face problems recording the audio. The mic stand you choose must be super stable and stick to the table firmly while you are on a recording or streaming session.


5 Core has designed the desktop stand to offer you the utmost stability with its round and three-legged metal stand. It strengthens the stand and provides maximum balance for the microphone as well.


Flexibility: Microphone Accessories are used to enhance and improve audio quality. And most of the accessories do need to be attached to the desktop mic stand itself. However, many generic mic stands do not offer the flexibility to attach anything to the stand. You must have the option to extend the capability of the mic stand. Hence pick one which supports the integration of Must-have Studio Microphone Accessories.


Composite material: 
Most of the Microphone desk Stands are susceptible to vibration traveling through the floor/ desk. They can pick up the vibration from the desk and deliver it to the microphone. And since mics are very sensitive, these vibrations can cause tremendous difficulties in producing high-quality audio content.


While you are on the market looking to buy a mic desk stand, glance at the material these stands are made of; a stand made of composite material can reduce vibration travel. Also, to reduce the vibration completely, use a Microphone Shock mount.



A desktop mic stand is essential for producing high-quality audio content. While you are out there searching for the right stand, make sure the stand has the above characteristics. 

5 Core is an award-winning premium electronic product manufacturer with decades of expertise in hand. We have designed and manufactured some of the most widely-used mic stands. Our Desk Mic Stands are preferred by streamers, gamers & audio content producers. Our product will satisfy you if you want a high-quality desk mic stand with the best features.

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