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A ring light stand is a source of light that evenly illuminates a subject. The led ring light with a stand is ideal for filming, photography, making videos, streaming, macro photography, and many more.


In the era of social media, influencers, and smartphones, the Tik Tok light stand, or led light with stand in general, has become an increasingly common accessory. If you, too, want to become a professional streamer or photographer, investing in these stands makes sense. And here's how you can make sure you pick the right one.


The Top Tips to Buy Ring Light Stand



Diameter: The ring light stand comes in different diameters. Though a larger diameter LED ring light emits more light, of course, it is not ideal to opt-in for the biggest one. You should recognize your needs and wants first. You have to know your recording studio and the subject. If you have a smaller subject or space, go for a smaller diameter ring light with a stand. Own a big studio or have a bigger subject? Then, invest in a larger diameter light so that it can illuminate the entire area perfectly.


Power Supply: The power source is another matter to consider when buying a ring light stand or Tik Tok light stand. A flexible power source ensures you can use the light whenever you want. And by flexible, what we mean is how the ring is taking power. You won't always get easy access to AC outlets. So it is better to check the power supply method before making the final decision. 

The 5 Core ring light stand comes with a USB power supply method. You can draw power from a portable charger, laptop, or any. USB power outlet!

Power Supply

Brightness Adjustment: This is a very important feature. For a make artist, streamer, photographer, etc., you won't always need the same brightness. For better results, the brightness must be dimmed and raised according to your needs and wants. Hence, buy a led ring light with a stand that allows you to adjust the brightness. Because having multiple illumination levels implies you can adjust the lighting to any situation.

Brightness Adjustment

Flexible Phone holder: The ring light stand with the overhead shooting arm gives easy adjustability. You can move it left, right, or up and down. This gives you the optimum multi-angle support to produce content freely according to your needs. Many rely on handheld devices to shoot from different angles. This is not ideal because the hand shakes all the time! The High-quality led ring light with a stand is a premium design stand. It holds the phone firmly and gives you amazing and stable pictures and videos. So, buy a LED light stand that has an adjustable phone holder.

Flexible Phone holder

Budget: The LED ring light with stand comes at different prices with distinct features. And thus, the price of the stand also changes according to the product specification. When shopping for the stand, make sure you know how much you can spend on the stand. Based on your budget, you have to determine which one is ideal for you. 5 Core offers a balanced light stand with essential features even in the lowest-cost stands.





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 A LED light stand is a fantastic gadget for every streamer, Tik Toker, photographer, and makeup artist. If you want the best and professional grade images and videos, buy the right light stand; it will serve you better for a long time.