Collection: Microphones Accessories

Microphones Accessories are vital gadgets that help to achieve better results. 5 Core design, manufacture, and sell premium quality microphone accessories to meet the growing needs of audio/ music enthusiasts.

From high-quality microphone stands and boom arms to mic clip holders and many more, we have a range of mic accessories that will help meet creators' needs. Explore our wide range of accessories and find the perfect solution:

Microphone stand

A high-quality microphone is absolutely essential to every stage performer. The 5Core 360° Rotating Microphone Stand gives the ultimate flexibility. The microphone stand is adjustable and made with highly durable material. Compatible with a 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch adapter, the clip-on cable holder keeps cords out of the way so the performer can move around easily.


Shock mount

A shock mount is a great gadget & must-have mic accessory in your inventory. It is designed in such a way that it prevents vibration traveling up from the mic stand from getting to the diaphragm of the mic. For clean, rumble-free sound output, the best solution, by far, is the use of a shock mount.


Desktop Microphone Stand

If you do a lot of podcasts or do creative work from home, then this Desktop Microphone Stand is ideal. Regardless of what kind of audio content you're making, a high-quality mic stand is well worth the price it costs. 5 Core microphone accessory-making process ensures that the design is compact and the user. This desktop microphone stand has a sleek aesthetic and allows easy noiseless adjustment while in use. 



Mic clip

5 Core Mic clip holders are designed and developed to offer more stability. This small yet essential gadget can hold a microphone in place and attach it to a microphone stand. This mic clip works on standard microphone stands and can host a wide range of microphones.

This sturdy 25mm mic clip is an excellent choice for sound production! The mic clip has a proven functional design made with durable plastic and female brass threads. It is an affordable and rugged construction that ensures it lasts long, even on very demanding usages.



Arm Desk Stand

If you are creating audio content from home or doing a podcast, streaming from your desk, then purchasing the latest microphone won’t give you the best results. A microphone is a very sensitive piece of equipment, and the more stable & protective it is, the better result you will get in return.

The 5 Core arm desk stand mount holder is a fantastic accessory that offers the utmost stability for great live streaming/ recording and provides much safety. It is flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs and wants.


Microphone isolation shield

People involved in the audio content creation industry know the importance of a microphone isolation shield. This is a fantastic microphone accessory that acts as an advanced filter. The shield can reduce or significantly remove unwanted noise, ambiance, and sound wave reflection.

The accessory has proven itself that it has the capability to produce cleaner, focused, and noise-free sound.


Tripod Tabletop Desktop mic stand

A 3 Leg Foldable mic stand is a versatile and unique piece of microphone accessory. It is made with the highest quality ingredients to offer rigidness and strength. The 3 Leg Foldable mic stand provides excellent balance and versatility. 

It is equipped with a complimentary microphone clip compatible with most of the microphones on the market. The bottom of the tripod legs is rubber coated. Therefore, the tripod stays in place and does not slip away with a simple push.


Microphone accessories are an important part of a productive audio session. These gadgets are designed and manufactured to work with the microphone in conjunction to make the end result much better. At 5 Core, we have a wide range of microphone accessories designed and built to serve numerous purposes. If you want a professional audio setup, these accessories are a must-have.