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Dj Gear for Clubs, Restaurants, and homes, you name it we have it. The Pro Audio has an excellent range of DJ Amplifier, Audio Mixers Wired & Wireless Microphones, Pro Audio Stands, and Indoor and Outdoor speakers including Wall/ceiling. Portable speakers, Portable Bluetooth amplifier speakers, Noise & Feedback Exterminator, and accessories.

5 Core is one of the most prominent designers, manufacturers, and exporters of high-quality DJ equipment. Our inventory holds high-quality DJ Mixers, Speakers, DJ lights, Subwoofers, Noise exterminators, horn tweeters, and many more. Our DJ equipment for sale guarantees the lowest price in the market. We are home to Largest DJ Equipment in the USA, and find below the essential equipment for a successful DJ session.

DJ amplifier: DJ amplifier, as well as any amplifier, follows a basic fundamental. It strengthens the low-powered or weak signal. And this boost helps to drive the speakers and woofers with more power, clarity, bass, and volume. But that is not everything that a DJ amplifier offers. When you get the DJ amp, it lets you control your audio output and help the DJ produce unique and memorable tracks.

DJ amplifier

Besides this, DJ amplifiers also offer amazing flexibility in adding more speakers, microphones, and other essential equipment. Therefore, the DJ amplifier is a crucial part of the DJ audio setup, which you will need from the first day of your DJ career.

Mixer: Like a DJ amplifier, the Mixer is also crucial for an aspiring DJ. A mixer is a fantastic piece of equipment that lets DJs mix different audio signals simultaneously. Many professional DJs use this machine to seamlessly transition from one song to another when playing at functions, clubs, or any entertainment events. Furthermore, like a DJ amplifier, the Mixer can fine-tune the audio signals for better EQ and FX.


Most professional DJs depend on a 5 Core DJ Mixer to produce the highest quality sound that makes the listener happy and thrilled. Our DJ equipment sale is live, and you can buy the best Mixer at the lowest price

Turntables: Today, doing a DJ session is not that difficult. Most high-quality DJ amplifier, and Mixers can take care of the output with just a push of a button. However, when it comes to measuring the true skill of a DJ, look for their skills with the scratcher! DJ scratchers create a unique sound effect in between the songs. Scratching derived during the emergence of hip-hop music in the 70s, and the wonderful sound put a smile on everyone's face and rejuvenated them with new energy.


Speakers: This is an obvious DJ equipment like DJ Amplifier! Without speakers, your DJ amplifier, Mixer, or Turntable is nothing. Speakers are the output device you need for carrying out any music session. There are hundreds, even thousands of speakers out there, making buying speakers a daunting task. 5 Core has been manufacturing high-quality speakers for decades, suitable for DJs. Our speaker systems are made carefully, and by design, they are intended to tolerate much stress without distorting the sound. Settle with a 5 Core speaker; we guarantee you won't be disappointed. We offer DJ equipment sale at the lowest price; grab them at the best price.


Above DJ equipments such as speakers, DJ Amplifier, Turntables etc. are the most important piece of tech you need to run a successful DJ campaign, but of course, there are a few more that you may add to your setup to spice up the event. Dj equipment such as DJ light, Horn tweeter, and Noise exterminators are also helpful to set the mood.

Conclusion: 5 Core is an award-winning premium electronic manufacturer with a massive inventory of high-quality DJ amplifier, DJ speakers, DJ mixers, and many more. Everything you need for your DJ career can be sourced from one place. And our DJ equipment for sale is for everyone, and the price is the lowest in the market.