At 5 Core, we are all about crafting sound experiences that leave a lasting impression. This passion drives us each day to innovate and shape the future of the audio world for our valued customers. Since 1984, we have proudly held the mantle of a global leader in pro audio technology.

Our Mission- Shapig the future of Audio

A mission unites our global workforce: shaping the future of the audio world and delivering unparalleled sound experiences to our esteemed customers.

The 5 Core Group- Strong Brand, Remarkable Soundscale

Excellent sound is at the heart of everything we do, whether it's on stage, in studios, in lecture halls, or outdoors.

Vast Footprint- Worldwide reach

With multiple development centers, production facilities, and retailers spanning the globe, we ensure your audio needs are met wherever you are.

Our History- Over 38 Years of Entrepreneurial zeal
Since our inception in 1984, 5 Core has embraced a family-owned ethos. We take pride in our rich history filled with groundbreaking ideas, innovative projects, and noteworthy success.

Our Culture- United by Passion for Audio
As an international entity, we celebrate diversity, while our collective ardor for audio forms the bedrock of our organizational culture, guiding how we interact with colleagues, partners, and customers.