At 5 Core, we aim to deliver the most practical, high-quality & efficient electronic products at your convenience.

Thirty-eight years ago, with the help of visionary founder Surinder Singh Kalra, 5 Core set out itself on an adventure. A journey to becoming a leading manufacturer of premium electronic products. And over the decades, through our dedication and a strong will to serve our clientele better have made us one of the pioneers in manufacturing Products like Home Appliances, Public Address Systems, Car Speakers, Woofers, Amplifiers, Bass Tubes & Tweeters, Home Theaters, Computers speakers, Personal speaker system, Headphones, and Earphones

 Using the power of technology and the best human resource, we are continued to raise the bar of quality products. Today 5 Core has reached 65 countries, and this number kept increasing thanks to all the love and support from our customers.

Mission statement:-    5 Core’s mission is to:

  • Deliver affordable & high-quality products.
  • Build a long-term relationship with clients.
  • Responding fast to changing market/ customer demands.
  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • Improve product quality continuously.


To be the benchmark for the premium electronic products, recognized by others for the integrity of our business procedure. And to deliver exceptional value to our customers & employees.


Integrity, Care, Accountability, Innovation, Ethical.