Collection: Wall Speakers

Aesthetic looks with surround sound are what you expect from 5 Core Wall speakers. Having a wide range in wattages and sizes they come as easy-to-mount wall mount speakers. An Integrators Choice to use in indoors or outdoors, in restaurants, clubs, offices, warehouses, factories, and public places. Used for announcements and paging, they become even better with music. the waterproof Water-Resistant features are a total bonus.

There are many reasons behind installing wall mount speakers in the home or office. Wall mounted audio system can be easily accommodated even in the smallest rooms and protect speakers from curious children and pets. There are far more reasons to integrate these speakers; before investing in them, let's explore what you will get beforehand.

The Benefits of Wall Speakers

Better surround sound: Want a surround sound experience? The wall speakers will serve you very well. These speakers can be installed around your house according to the heights you desire. By doing so, you will get a room-filling sound. Whether you have a sound bar, desk speakers, or traditional surround setup, they can not match the experience these speakers offers.


Easy to Install and Operate: Wall speakers are very convenient. They can be mounted and unmounted easily. The operation of the speaker is very easy; you can start playing music or announce an important message in the entire property with just a push of a button! You can also adjust the volume and control every input and output at your convenience. The only factor to consider is that during the initial installation of the wall speakers, you may need the help of experts to do all the drilling and speaker position calculations.


Placement Options: One of the biggest advantages of wall mount speakers is they offer better placement options. For ceiling speakers, the property should have a false ceiling. If your home or business doesn't have a false ceiling, the on wall speakers will be the best choice for you. The speakers can be installed anywhere, from your kitchen, dining room to office hallway or parking place, to transmit crystal clear audio.


Matches with Décor: Modern-day home décor is built to reflect your taste and style. Buying a speaker which does not reflect or match the home décor would not only look bad but bother you all the time. Installing wall mount speakers gives you a better chance of managing your décor. The reason is that these speakers have a smaller footprint and can also be painted and designed according to your preference.



Wall mount speakers are versatile, easy to clean and operate, and offer amazing sound. The entire network of speakers can be operated very easily and efficiently. You can play music or pass on a critical message to residents quickly and effectively.

5 Core offers full-range speakers made for professional music and speech reproduction. These speakers' strong and classic design suits fantastically with different interiors. Buy them at the lowest price in the market.