Collection: Pop filter & Isolation shield

The clarity of the audio is very important when you want to make music or produce any audio content. Professional audio artists spend thousands of dollars setting up a studio that produces professional quality audio. However, a microphone isolation shield and microphone pop filter are amazing alternatives for people with a moderate or low budget. In fact, these accessories are part of the professional studio environment as well. Even though they are massively popular amongst content makers, the question always arises: why are they good?

To understand the wide acceptance of isolation shields & microphone pop filters, let's explore what benefits they bring to the table.

The top benefits of the Microphone Isolation Shield & Pop Filter

Professional audio at home: If you are making audio content at home, you are compromising the sound quality. Yes, it is expensive to record at home, but it comes with the expense of sound quality. Your home is meant for living, not recording sound. The design of the home does not follow the acoustic principle. Although, with the help of a microphone isolation shield & pop filter, you can eliminate much of the unwanted background noise.

Professional audio at home

We strongly suggest adding a microphone isolation shield to your home studio equipment. Yes, you can soundproof the home, but that would be time-consuming as well as very expensive. Therefore, isolate the mic or soundproof the microphone itself! The isolation shield will reduce the background noise significantly. It will help you to record audio like a pro.

Gain more clarity in sound: Microphone isolation shield and microphone pop filter can isolate and help you to record professional quality sound isolating the mic from the background noise, vibration, and plosive energy. They are designed and developed to ensure that the unwanted noise and vibration are not affecting the sensitive mic negatively. 

Gain more clarity in sound:

The isolation shield isolates the microphone from other ambient noise in the vicinity. The Pop filter helps to reduce the plosive energy. They keep unwanted sounds at bay; most of the time, you will have to do little post-production work. Use them, and you no longer risk your voice getting flooded by the buzz of your air conditioner!

Keep you on a budget: Tight budget is not uncommon for a new audio content maker. Spending a hefty amount of expensive studio equipment at the beginning of the journey is also not a good idea. However, your audience surely wants the premium experience. You can achieve professional quality audio products with some effort and integration of a microphone isolation shield and microphone pop filter.

Keep you on a budget

The noise cancellation shield and the pop filter are not expensive. Yet, they have a proven track record of making the audio cleaner and noise free. These accessories are so good that people with thousands of dollars in studio apartments also use them on a regular basis. Therefore, you can start producing premium audio quality even with a shy budget. Carry on your dream, and you will reach there.

Portable: The microphone isolation shield and pop filter are highly flexible. You can attach them to most of the mic stands, which allows the integration of accessories. This gives you the much-needed flexibility to work from anywhere.

The design of these accessories is made by 5 Core, one of the most recognized premium electronic product manufacturers, with the help of the best R&D team. The mic pop filter and noise shields are highly compact, lightweight, and portable.


You can carry these accessories comfortably if you have to move around from one location to another. The isolation shield and pop filter can be installed easily. You can complete the setup within minutes and produce premium audio content.


Vocal isolation shields and pop filters can be awesome recording gadgets for your studio. They are essential to record professional quality audio in a less-than-ideal acoustic setting.