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Now you don’t have to stress about setting up your phone on any ground or having it fall out of your hand thanks to the 5 Core Mobile Stand. A well-designed and manufactured mobile phone stand keeps you organized and gives you a hands-free experience. Your hands get the much-needed break they deserve, and your photos & videos become more professional. 5 Core mobile stand helps the user to keep the phone safe and clean while keeping you cozy and productive.

Benefits of Buying a Mobile Stand

Comfort: In the era of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or binge-watching in general, people are more and more consuming content through handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets. However, holding your phone for a long time is an exhausting task. A smartphone can weigh up to 0.3 pounds!

A Mobile Stand is an excellent option to hold the phone without needing physical involvement. Your arms and neck will thank you if you use the stands to watch the content. 5 Core offers a diverse range of stands for your desk, studio, or even a flat surface!

Steady shots: A mobile phone stand assists you make the most acceptable content for social media. Your photos will be perfectly still, and your videos will no longer have the embarrassing up-and-down motion from the person holding the camera.

Productivity: These mobile stands can help you become more productive. It can help you to work on multiple devices with different projects at the same time. For instance, you can use one phone camera as a high-quality webcam and another to chat with the live stream viewer and play games on another device. This is how these mobile phone stands, made by 5 Core, can help boost your productivity at your studio and workplace.

Cleanliness: You will have far less clutter on your desk if your mobile has its dedicated place at its mobile stand. Placing it on a mobile stand will help you avoid getting it misplaced under books, folders, or other supplies. The stand can also help save it from dust, dampness, and scratches on its camera or display.


These are the top 4 benefits of using high-quality mobile stands. According to market research, more than 40% of smartphone owners accidentally harm their phones at some point. This data makes it more important to own a Mobile Stand.

At 5 Core, we have innovative Mobile Stands with excellent features at some amazing prices. Cell Phone Stand, Desktop Mobile Phone Holder, and Mobile Phone Holders are available with features such as Mic Stand Boom Microphone Arm, 360 degrees Rotate Video Studio Base Bracket Clip, and Adjustable Boom Arm for desktop holders. 5 Core’s collection of Cellphone Stands can be essential for Vloggers, Content Creators, and Tik Tokers. They are also used in kitchens and offices.