Colección: Microphone Clip

Microphone Clips or microphone holders are important Mic Accessories. With extremely stylish design and durability, our products are winning all professionals' and amateurs' trust in On-Stage Stands. They come with a Brass-Screw on to avoid any loose contact resulting to sound distortion. The soft material makes it easy for handling along with giving all sorts of protection from external damages.

All in all, Microphone Clip is an important accessory that every microphone user needs. And here is how you can buy the best one for your needs and wants.

Pro tips for choosing the best Microphone Clip

Budget: This is pretty obvious, yet many, especially the newcomers, do not consider this. When you do not know how much you are willing to spend, you will get confused by the massive choices of Microphone Clip in the market. Thus it is important that you pick your budget first, and he moves on and looks for the clips.

At first, it will seem like it's not worth it. Because you can get a good small microphone holder for less than 15 USD, but what would be best for you to buy multiple clips. Dependency in one single microphone holder clip is not advisable. You never know when you will have to use an extra. And for that reason, you have to know how much you are willing to spend. 5 Core offers the bes clip at wholesale price, which is the lowest in the market.


Material: Microphone Clips goes through the pretty harsh condition. They constantly move from one microphone stand to another. In this process, often, we see that the mic clip falls to the ground or table. Moreover, people intentionally sometimes through around these clips for the convince of not walking to the microphone stand! These processes put a lot of stress on the mic's body and can physically damage the clip. While you can not control others' doing, you can be prepared for the worst!

Buy microphone clip that is made of high-quality material. A rigid and well-constructed holder clip will be able to fight external stress effectively.


The design: The Clip will be in front of you and the audience. Therefore it should look great and exhibit a premium feel. Besides the aesthetic part, the design must be made carefully not to damage the microphone itself. 

Buy a clip that has a protective layer on it. Capable designers make 5 Core microphone clip with expertise in developing high-quality & smart accessory designing. Our clip comes with anti-slip dents that hold the microphone well. So, while looking for a mic clip, ensure it has the best design for aesthetics to safeguard the mic.

The design


Whether you have a massive collection of a microphone or one or two, you should realize that they are made to be helped by a stand or hand. While holding by hand is self-explanatory, installing it on the Stand requires a special accessory. An accessory like Microphone Clip is designed to ensure that the mc is securely installed and won't fall from the Stand.

The importance of Microphone Clips is many. Thus many professionals use them on a regular basis to improve performance and safety.