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Aesthetic looks with surround sound are what you expect from 5 Core ceiling speaker system. Having a wide range in wattages and sizes they come as easy-to-mount Flush mount speakers. An Integrator's Choice to use indoors or outdoors, in restaurants, clubs, offices, warehouses, factories, and public places. Used for announcements and paging, they become even better with music. The Water-Resistant features are a total bonus.

Ceiling speaker system- everything You Need to Know

As the name implies, the ceiling speaker system gets installed in the ceiling, sometimes even on the wall. It can be installed in homes, offices, gyms, schools, grocery stores, commercial buildings, hospitals, or similar places. They are used to play music or as a PA system while people continue to do their work or at rest. The ceiling speaker system has multiple speakers that can be individually controlled and allows for listening to content from anywhere within its range. While some ceiling speaker systems have limited functionality and are only able to handle basic functions like broadcasting, other systems can be paired with a powerful home amplifier to do all sorts of jobs.

When it comes to the best ceiling speakers surround sound system, there are lots of different brands and styles to choose from. But if you need rigid and feature-rich speakers, then the 5 Core ceiling speaker system will be the ideal choice. Our system can be used to broadcast messages to play songs, and you can control the output and volume adjustment settings. To make it short, 5 Core ceiling speakers’ output can be personalized according to your needs.

When considering purchasing a new ceiling speaker system for your home or office, make sure that it is made by a reputed brand such as 5 Core. We have decades of track record of delivering high-quality audio equipment. And we are certain our system will fulfill your needs. Besides the brand, also keep in mind that each room/ space may have unique characteristics that may require different types of speakers(i.e., large areas will require more powerful speakers than small closed spaces); thus, choosing one that is able to adapt to such conditions will ensure an optimal sound experience.

In addition to considering the features and benefits of a ceiling speakers surround sound system, you should also be thinking about its aesthetics. The type of housing or casing that surrounds the speakers should be carefully selected so that its presence does not disrupt your space's overall look and feel. For example, suppose you have a modern-style home with a hardwood floor, sleek furniture, and minimalistic accents. In that case, a contemporary-style speaker might be more appropriate than a traditional design(i.e., round brass casing) because it would complement and add balance to your otherwise streamlined appearance. 

On the other hand, if you live in a more rustic or vintage-style home with ornate fixtures and an antique aesthetic to it, then a more old-fashioned speaker system might be more suitable for your decor. Whichever style of ceiling speaker system you choose, just make sure that it fits well within its surroundings so that others are not distracted by its appearance, allowing you to focus on the content being played from it instead.

Ceiling speaker systems are great for playing music while people carry out their daily activities throughout the premise. They can be installed easily in any room and come with advanced features to elevate the overall experience.

There are many different styles and designs of ceiling speaker system to choose from so that you can personalize your listening experience based on the sound characteristics of a room, its surrounding decor, or even personal preferences. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to play music at home or n the office while people continue doing their work relaxing, consider investing in a ceiling speaker system today!

The ceiling speaker system offers high-quality immersive and surrounding sound without cluttering your home or office. Want music in your living room or meeting room without a speaker wasting your real estate? How about ceiling mounted speakers rather than bulky speakers on the desk or floor?

Generally speaking, Ceiling speaker systems are ideal for multi-room audio systems. ceiling speakers surround sound system are appropriate for people with smaller rooms, offices, or business spaces. If you consider installing speakers in the ceiling, you have made a good decision. However, while showing ceiling speakers, ensure you know important things to make an informative decision.

Important things to know before investing in a Ceiling speaker system

How many speakers do I need?

Most suppliers sell the speakers in pairs. However, 5 Core gives you the utmost flexibility to buy the best ceiling speaker according to your exact needs. So how many speakers do you need? Well, it solely depends on the space you have. Although, it is recommended to split the speakers for clear, better, and consistent sound. 

How many speakers do I need?


For example, if you have a space where you believe two large speakers will be enough, split the two large speakers into four medium size speakers and install them by maintaining proper distance. The evenly spread speakers will deliver consistent sound everywhere. 

Before finalizing the speaker number, you must know how many speakers your current amplifier can run simultaneously. If you believe it is limited, you can surely buy a fantastic 5 Core home amplifier to extend and improve your home audio system.

Can the ceiling speaker system be installed in a humid place?

Most of the 5 Core ceiling mounted speakers systems are designed and manufactured to withstand steam and humidity. As long as they do not get soaked and wet, they will be just fine. However, if you install them near the kitchen and bathroom, clean them periodically because the speaker's girls might get blocked, especially from excessive kitchen oils, which reduces the sound quality.

Can the ceiling speaker system be installed in a humid place?

Talking to the speaker installer before finalizing the ceiling speaker integration place is always best. Do not DIY unless you know a lot about the Speakers and the installation process.

Can I paint the speakers?

Yes, of course! Thousands of people do paint their ceiling mounted speakers so that they match the rest of the decor's color. Open up the grill, take it outside, and use high-quality paint spray. While using the paint, make sure to focus on how much paint you are using. Make a thin layer so that the speaker's grill does not get blocked. Hand paint also works, but the process certainly takes a lot of time!

Can I paint the speakers?

Where should I position my subwoofer?

Subwoofers work on lower frequencies. What does this imply? Well, it means the woofers are non-directional. You can place it anywhere in your room and still can feel good bass around. However, if you want the best couch-shaking effect, put it in front of your seating place! You do not have to stress out about subwoofer installation or location. What you should care about is buying a good one so that it can complement your Ceiling speaker system performance.

Where should I position my subwoofer?


The ceiling speaker systems are amazing for homes, businesses, and offices. They offer a great sound experience and do not cost a lot. We would like to recommend you read our blog- Why you need in-ceiling speakers to know more about ceiling speaker mounts. The more you learn about your sound system, the better you become at controlling its output.

As always, we will be happy to help you with any queries you have regarding any of our products. You can submit a contact form here, email us at or give us a ring at 1 (985)306-3921.