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At 5 Core you get the best and a vast range of wire connectors which consist of electric connectors. 5 core has designed products such as tv cables, coaxial cables, microphone cables, HDMI, VGA, power cables, computer, and laptop cables, speaker cables, alligator clips, XLR cables, ¼ mono phono connector, USB adapter, Speakon plug and adapters there is also a wide variety of ethernet cables. We have a versatile collection of cable connectors. Let's explore some of them in brief:

5 Core cable connectors overview

Solder Wire: Solder wire is a conductive alloy substance with a lower melting point used in the electronics industry to connect components electrically. It is often used to join wires to leads of features such as switches or to join parts of all kinds to a printed circuit board for General purposes or zero PCB, two pieces of metals, etc.


5 Core solder wires are manufactured from high-quality lead. This solder wire is widely used in the electronics industry, home appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.


HDMI cables: High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is essentially an interface that can transmit seamless digital signals between two compatible devices. For instance, HDMI can connect your desktop's graphics card to the monitor and transmit video as well as audio signals.


This is one of the best cable connectors we have. It is much more efficient and versatile than traditional VGA cables. The quality of the HDMI cable is essential for being able to transmit a proper signal to produce high-quality output signals.


Bluetooth Adapter: Though this does not fall under the "cable connectors" per se, it is, however, connects devices wirelessly. The 5 Core Bluetooth Adapter is a highly versatile device that lets you connect two or more devices with Bluetooth.


The Bluetooth Adapter is made with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technologies, enabling your Bluetooth adapter to be backward compatible with your Bluetooth 4.2/4.0/3.0/2.0 and deliver stable wireless to your devices. This dongle can conveniently enhance your non-Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth features. The device is very compact and has a sleek design in it. It allows you to leave it on your laptop or desktop; you can keep it there, and no need to remove it; it seamlessly gets plugged into a laptop without blocking the surrounding USB port.


VGA cable connectors: VGA Computer Monitor Cable still plays a significant role. Thousands of computer monitors, if not millions, still carry the VGA cable input. And 5 Core has been recognized as one of the best designers and manufacturers of efficient and durable VGA cable connectors.


The heavy-duty SVGA monitor cord is well-built for high-quality video signal transmission. It has a good length and can reach your desktop easily. The durability makes it last longer.


Ethernet Internet Cable: The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. While WIFI is really convenient, it can not match the high-quality transmission of ethernet cable connectors. An ethernet cable is essential if you want the best speed for your desktop or laptop. The wire transmission is faster and has lower ping delays, making it ideal for competitive gaming, streaming, or quicker download.


We have high-quality Cat6 Ethernet cables, Ethernet patch cables, RJ45 cables, multi-cable, electronic cables, Gigabit cables, router cables, computer cables, Ethernet/ patch cords, Ethernet cable Pack, and many more.



5 Core design and manufacture great cable connectors. We have numerous electrical wire connectors such as Power Cord, 3 Pin XLR Male Female Microphone Audio Cable Connector, Long AC connector, and many more.


Our cables are made adhering to strict quality standards to offer you safety and durability. If you are looking for the best cables and connectors, you are in the right place.