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Let's understand what "Gadget" is. A gadget is a tool that is designed and developed to serve a particular function. Gadgets are everywhere, and likewise, it has penetrated our home. Today home gadgets play a significant role in our day-to-day life. We have grown so used to it that we barely notice it's even there!


But gadgets for the home are essential; the lack of them or their absence will make our lives more complex and chaotic. From room heaters to bathroom scales and pest controllers: home gadgets have invaded our homes, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other places.

5 Core designs and manufactures some of the industry's best home gadgets. They are made to serve distinct purposes to make your life easy and promote well-being. A few of these gadgets are as follows:


Top 5 Core home gadgets


Room Heater: 5 Core room heater is one of our crown jewels of best home gadgets! It is meant to offer you and your loved ones comfort even in the harsh winter when the Mercury has dropped significantly low. The cold makes everyone uncomfortable and can cause numerous physical as well as mental issues. Also, the summer comes with its disadvantages. Fortunately, this space heater is meant to serve in two distinct seasons!




You can use the heater in the winter with two presets of 1500W or 750W. And the cool air fan can be used to control the room temperature while it’s burning outside in the summer. All in all, this is a must-have gadget for the home. It is made to offer you comfort all the time. You can carry it around as you wish.


Ultrasonic Pest Control: Pest is the worst; we all agree that. They bring diseases to the home and reduce the property value. This is the reason people are looking for alternatives even if there are already services and chemicals available to repel the pests. Why? This is because the chemical method is a health hazard, and subscription to pest repeal service is very costly. Fortunately, ultrasonic pest repellers have solved these issues and are highly capable of removing pests from the property.


5 Core ultrasonic pest repeller is one of the most suitable choices and amazing home gadgets that defend you and your loved ones from pest attacks. The ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic device that emits high-frequency sound waves capable of repelling, injuring, or killing household pests. It does not contain harmful chemicals, has no adverse effect on the environment, and is portable, convenient, and very much affordable.

If you want a pest-free environment, this home gadget is an idea for you. It will improve your well-being and keep you & your property safe.

Screen projector: Home gadgets come in every shape and size. These gadgets are meant to serve different purposes; one of them is they can help elevate the entertainment experience. A gadget like a projector screen brings content to life. The screen projector brings in many more benefits and improves multimedia consumption. You can use them for gaming, watching movies, or binge through your favorite TV shows. The color accuracy is excellent, and the screen size is massive. It is highly portable and flexible.


5 Core screen projector displays vibrant color, both for images and videos. The setup takes a few minutes, and you can watch a movie at its full glory with a theater-like experience in your home at your convenience.

5 Core White Projection Screen 100-INCH Pull Down Projector Screen can offer 16:9 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD Ready Home Theater-like experience. Use this gadget for building a dedicated entertainment space where you can experience content like never before.

Hair dryer: Extreme weather, icy winds, and dust are your hair’s enemies, and certainly, you have to avoid them. However, it is easier said than done. Whenever we go out, our hair gets exposed to a harsh environment. And it can severely damage the hair. To avoid unhealthy hair, many people go to the salon and spend a hefty amount. However, you can get almost the same salon-like experience if you have the right gadget, notably a hair dryer.


Hairdryers are another home gadget that seems to help keep the hair clean and dry. This gadget is designed to blow the moisture away and let you style your hair as needed. Keeping your head exposed to nature will cause severe headaches and other adverse conditions. This is why you will require a home gadget that can keep your hair safe and warm without breaking the bank. And the hair dryer till now is the ideal machine to help you achieve this.

Weight scale: A bathroom scale is one of the best home gadgets available in the market that is solely meant to help you keep a sharp eye on weight. Your body mass has a direct effect on your well-being. So, no need to mention how important it is to check your weight frequently. 5 Core produces the most highly accurate weight scale that gives precise results within seconds. And the best part is you can transfer the data with smart Bluetooth technology into our phone so you can keep the data and monitor it whenever you want.


Whether you want to gain or shred some pounds, the digital scale is the most important gadget you will require to achieve your goal. Our weight scale is highly portable and made with high quality & durable material. You can carry it according to your needs and wants.

Mouse Mat Pad: If you own a desktop or laptop, this gadget will be your companion for a long time. It is one of the accessories for your computer. Your mouse will appreciate the smooth surface. Also, the LED light makes it so cool and aesthetically pleasing. 


This gadget can be washed & Fade Prevent Surface is Made of nano-textured material. It has a great locking-color effect, and this mouse pad can be easily moved from one desk to another. You can use water to remove coffee, cola, tea, or juice stains. And the original color of the mat pad will not fade even with repeated cleaning.



The range of home gadgets is diverse. And 5 Core, too, has a vast collection of gadgets for the home, office, and businesses. If you are looking for the best tools to make your life easy and comfortable. Start utilizing these fantastic techs today.

Our Home Gadgets include air fryers. Rice cookers, pressure cooker instant pots, Meat Grinder, Lit remover Bathroom Scales, Kitchen Scales, Luggage Scales, Juicers, Blenders, Vegetable Choppers, Home Theaters, Trimmers, Repellers, and Toasters. Doorbells, Popcorn Mixers, Coffee Grinders, Hair Dryers, Projector Screen, Plugs and Adapters, and are some of the amazing 5 Core Home Gadget range.