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5 Core has got some excellent Stools in store for you. Our Drum Stool Stand Chair is foldable and the high density of the sponge refrains it from deforming while providing utmost comfort. The Drum Thrones or Guitar Stools are easy to assemble with the three-legged support capable of bearing 130kg. Aesthetically designed with Cold-Rolled Steel Legs, the adjustable Keyboard Stool assures great comfort. Get these amazing Music Stools at affordable prices.

Whether you are a vocal artist or an instrument player, in both cases, you tend to do great when you feel better and relaxed. Peace of mind and physical well-being is directly connected to the quality of the music we produce. Hence, while you are in a vocal or instrument session, you must find ways to ensure you feel comfortable while you are on the stage. There are many accessories available out there that can take care of your physical well-being while you are jamming. One of those great accessories is drum stool.

Though the name indicates it is related to people playing drums, it is not the entire truth. In fact, these drum chairs can also be used as guitar stool, Guitar foot stools.

Drum stools or drum thrones are designed to offer you much-needed comfort. It is not just a simple chair. Picking the right stool can make a huge difference in minimizing fatigue, strain, and stress, keeping your legs, knees, back, and joints healthy, and helping you achieve greater efficiency and production quality. As we stated, it only works if you buy the right drum stool. Don't know how to do that? Don't worry; we have got your back!

The guide to buying the right drum stools

Height adjustability: The drum stools you buy must be flexible or adjustable to give you more flexibility. Every person has a different height, of course, and so sitting heights will be different from each other. Now, buying a non-adjustable drum or guitar stool doesn't make a lot of sense. In fact, that would be very stupid and a loss of investment. Instead, buy a drum throne that has the capacity for easy height adjustment so that people of different heights can adjust the stool and feel comfortable while playing or singing.



Seat Type: Besides height, another major aspect of the drum stools is the type of seat. Most drum stool or guitar stools' seat comes in different shapes. For instance, the seat can be a square, saddle seat, or rectangular. However, most professionals prefer round and rectangular seats. High-quality drum stools will leave you feeling comfortable and fresh even after a longer music session. Grab one that has a better cushion, and start enjoying longer playtime.



Stability: Stability is another major factor to take into consideration while looking for drum chair, guitar stools, Guitar foot stools, or any stool in general. The more stable the stool, the better and safer it is for you. The stool must have a rubber cover on the bottom of the legs so it can stick to the flat surface firmly and won't budge or fall accidentally.


Material: Hundreds of drum stool manufacturers produce inferior stools made of plastic or fiber. Though they are inexpensive, from a long-term perspective, they are not. Plastic or fibers are not durable materials. Therefore, you have to buy a new one often. Invest once; invest in something that will be with you for a prolonged time. 5 Core drum stools are made of durable metal and by following the highest quality standards. They can withstand a lot of external pressure, and you can carry them everywhere without worrying about breaking or getting scratched.


Budget: Price is something you have to take into account as well. It is an important factor that can change your entire decision. Make a budget and start looking for a stool. Since a lot of things depend on this single accessory, we would recommend investing one time for a better and safer future. 5 Core drum stool start from a low price. You can not get the best drumming stool, guitar stool, or Guitar foot stool in the market lower than us. The reason is we are the designer and manufacturer of this amazing accessory, and we sell it at factory price.


Conclusion: When deciding upon drum stools, the massive choices available on the market can even confuse the pros—the best way to start is to understand your budget and then move on to other feature lists. The important thing you must consider here is that your hard-earned money should offer you the comfort you deserve and need.