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Microphones stands are not just a simple accessory. Mic stand arm is an important part of a successful music session. Boom mic stand, Desk mic stand, and Studio mic stand have become crucial to produce professional audio content.

There are numerous varieties of microphones stands available in the market. And this massive choice can make picking the best stand a daunting task. Fortunately, we have a guide to picking the right one!

Tips on choosing microphones stand like a Pro

Before you choose to buy a mic stand, you must evaluate the following aspects:

Budget: Of course! Knowing how much you can spend on the microphones stand Is always a great starting point in picking up the right mic stand. As we said earlier, there are diverse choices of mic stand arm, and deciding upon your budget will help you narrow down this massive list.

Furthermore, knowing your limit will help you to manage your expenses. It would help you to reduce the chance of overspending on fancy features that you might not need right away.


Accessories: Mics perform better if you attach them with accessories. It is not like the microphones can’t be operated without accessories, but being very sensitive equipment, they tend to get affected negatively by ambient noise & vibration waves. To prevent these, professional audio content makers and stage performers use attachments with the mic stand arm.

While you are purchasing a microphone stand, make sure that the stand is flexible enough and that accessories can be attached easily. If it doesn’t, simply walk away! If you want to know which accessory you must buy for high-quality audio, read our blog- 3 Must-have Studio Microphone Accessories.


Portability: Microphones stand most of the time, moving around with the artist. Therefore, it should not create any problems while you are jumping from one venue to another! Buy a boom mic stand that is lightweight yet rigid and highly compact. The mic stand arm should give you flexibility and must be easy to carry.


Build Quality: If your microphones stand is moving around, accidental damage to the structure is not uncommon. The stand might fall from the stage, or maybe someone simply throws it harshly inside the car trunk; all of these events can compromise the stand’s structural integrity or may damage the paint job. So should you stop carrying the stand to save it from scratches or tears?

Of course not! Buy a boom mic stand, desk mic stand, or studio mic stand that is made of rigid material, and the paint job is done properly. A high-quality microphone stand made from the best material will ensure the stand’s structural integrity is not compromised easily.

Build Quality

Height Range: Height adjustment is a very important feature that you need and absolutely look for while shopping for microphones stand. Most of the time, the boom mic stand, desk mic stand, and studio mic stand you have needs to be shared with other artists. And therefore, the size must be changed according to the performer’s height.

Height Range


Microphones stand is highly effective. They offer stability, secure the microphone, and let you attach essential equipment for better performance. 

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