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A DJ mixing board or audio mixer is music hardware, which is not any program or software installed on a laptop or desktop. A mixer enables you to connect different music equipment, such as DJ turntables, music input devices, keyboards, beat pads, etc. The DJ mixing board is specifically designed and developed to offer the DJ more flexibility. The audio mixers are more versatile in enabling DJs to mix music from different sources. Control essential aspects such as EQ and volume levels, and insert sound effects.

Benefits of DJ Mixing board

Super versatile: The most remarkable thing about DJ mixers may be the fact that these machines are extremely versatile. The mixer can do almost anything! You can connect to nearly anything. You can add other DJ controllers to the audio mixer! This opens up whole possibilities for DJs, as they can now personalize and play with turntables to make amazing music.


Better quality: DJ mixing boards are analog systems. These DJ mixer boards do not require D/A converters to function properly. In the beginning, it might seem irrelevant, but professional DJs know that this will give a great return over time. Why? Well, the D/A conversion is not cheap and requires computing power, and you have to pay for this when you buy a device. If you don't need DJ Controller features, the audio mixer board will have much better quality for the price you invest in.


Grant more control: Many DJ mixer board do not provide plugins with more than one microphone, may not have proper EQ control, may not offer you to add in sound effects, etc. Simply put, these controllers are pretty limited in what they do. The best 5 Core DJ mixing board gives the DJ flexibility & gives you control over the input and output.


Different source: A DJ requires stable audio equipment to carry on a successful DJing session. And though you can certainly rely on the DJ mix board or audio mixer, what about the sound source? What if your laptop or phone crashes? Would you rather stop the session? Of course not! A high-quality dj mixer board allows you to have multiple source input at the same time. Therefore, even if one source crashes or has a problem, you can change the source in a split second, and your audience won't even notice it.



The DJ mixing board is a very important piece of equipment for a professional DJ. It gives the artist much more flexibility and versatility. Get the best DJ mixing board at an amazingly low price from 5 Core. 

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