Collection: Microphone Mount

A microphone is not a standalone machine or gadget. Work such as podcast, game streaming, storyteller, audiobook reader, or recording music demands noise-free and crisp audio. And if your audience expects a noise-free or distortion-free sound, a single mic won't do the trick. You will require additional equipment, mainly mount gadgets such as a Microphone isolation shield, Shock mount & Pop filter, for a fantastic result.

Microphone shock mount

A microphone is a very sensitive piece of equipment. If you put a microphone on a stand using a microphone hard clip, it can still pick up all sorts of sounds from the floor traveling through the microphone stand. No matter how long or small the microphone stand is, the sound will travel without any restriction to the microphone and make all kinds of undesirable noises.

Besides that, it is common to contact the mic stand accidentally while using a microphone. It happens more often than you can count! Every professional uses a shock mount to ensure the accidental contact does not ruin the audio.

A shock mount works flawlessly and gives the audio content maker a more professional touch. It lets the mic sit in a safe "basket" with a suspension mechanism connecting with the main mic stand. And because the mic is suspended from the main frame, the sound wave's negative effects will be significantly neutralized. Ge the Metal Shock Mount Silver or Metal Shock Mount black shock mount for a professional sounding audio. 


Pop filter

A pop filter, also known as a pop shield, is a noise protection filter for microphones widely used to produce high-quality audio content. The filter is designed to eliminate popping sounds made from mechanical impact or fast-moving air while using plosives. Plosives such as 'P,' 'T,' 'D,' 'K,' 'G,' and 'B' deliver extra air to the microphone, which causes heavy breathing and bass sound.

If an audio content maker cares for the result, then investing in a pop filter is a sensible choice. It is easy to install and use and works flawlessly. You will certainly love the outcome if you were not using any pop filter before.


Microphone isolation shield

Background noise kills all the fun! Whether you are a podcaster, musician, or audiobook reader, ambient noise always comes in the way and hinders the overall sound quality. Many people rely on computer software to reduce the noise; however, by doing so, the core audio also loses some depth. 

The 5 Core Microphone isolation shields act as a filter. It isolates your microphone from the surrounding environment. Effectively reduces the background noise & sound wave reflection. As a result, the artist gets more clean, clear, and professional audio that the listener will be able to listen to without any complaint. Also, you do not need to buy or subscribe to any audio editing software and spend hours on it to clean the audio.

5 Core has high-quality microphone isolation shields in stock for every audio artist. And to make the audio more professional sounding, we have designed and manufactured both noise shields with a pop filter! 


High-quality microphones are no doubt a marvel of true engineering and the result of continuous development. But to get the most out of it or get the best results, buy the attachment or mount it needs. And if you are wondering why you should buy from us, there are many reasons to begin with, but it’s better if you look through our blog- Why choose 5 Core?