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5 Core

Electric Guitar Bass Amp 20 Watt Amplifier Built In Speaker Headphone Jack & AUX 5core Black 5 Core

Electric Guitar Bass Amp 20 Watt Amplifier Built In Speaker Headphone Jack & AUX 5core Black 5 Core

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  • ✅ 20 watt RMS guitar amplifier with Gain, Boost Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, Controls
  • ✅ Guitar Amp with 1 x 6.5 inch speaker units
  • ✅ The 6.5mm input allows this amp to be used as an electric guitar amp, bass guitar amp, and electro-acoustic guitar amp.
  • ✅ Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass. Aux Input, headphone output for silent practice
  • ✅ Portable and light weight for easy transport. Secured hard “Chrome” corner edges Makes your amplifier stand safe and stable also protects your amplifier from damage and dents

Product Description

For convenient personal listening at any time that won’t bring the house down on anyone else within earshot, this amp features a headphone output jack.

3-Band EQ
5 Core GA 20 has three band equalize you can control. The Treble/ Middle/ Bass controls help you shape the high and low frequencies of your guitar tone.
For the performer who wants ultra-compact convenience at a moment’s notice, the GA 20 is just the right small amp with just the right sound. Perfectly portable, it delivers great tone and features for an electric guitar and a mic—ideal simplicity and flexibility for a variety of musical and basic public address uses at small gigs and gatherings.
The 5 Core GA 20's convenient front-panel inputs include a standard ¼ inch jack for an instrument. This amp is portable and easily transportable. It is a great companion to have for small performances as well as a rehearsal tool in your bedroom.


Function (Front-Panel)

INPUT : Standard ¼ inch jack

GAIN : To adjust the pre-amplifier effect level for overdrive channel

✅BOOST : to adjust the preamplifier effect level for BOOST Channel

✅VOLUME : Adjust the level of the master signal

TREBLE : It controls the high frequency range

MIDDLE : To control the boost and cut of the middle frequencies range

✅BASS : It controls the low frequency range

✅AUX : Auxiliary port for MP3 players, headsets and Microphones

✅PHONE : This is a headphone’s output jack

POWER : ON/OFF switch for main power of the amplifier

Technical Specificaton:

  • AC POWER 110V 60HZ
  • SNR Frequency 70db
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