5 Core Sheet Music Stand with Mic Holder• Portable Height Adjustable Music Note Holder Tripod Stands

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About Music sheet Stand With Mic Stand Holder

  1. 2 IN 1 Music Stand: 5 Core2-in-1 music standthatcombines a music tray and removable mic arm stand. It makes singing from sheet music easy and looks natural to the audience.The stand alsocomes with a Mic Clip.

  2. Adjustable: The music sheet stand has acollapsible and height-adjustable design. Thebookplate angle of the music stand can be adjustedto suit your environment, and thetilt can be adjustedfor comfortable viewing.

  3. Metal Tripod Stand: 5 Core music stand has asturdy metal tripod support with non-slip rubber caps at the bottom, ensuringexcellent stability. It'ssuitable for sitting or standingandcan hold any kind of music sheet or book.

  4. Flexible & Portable: This music stand is flexible,portable, andeasy to open and close. It'sgreat for traveling,school, or home useandcan be stored easily with its collapsible tripod baseandremovable bookplate.

  5. Highly Stable: The music stand offers maximum stability, and thus you can perform confidently without worrying about accidental falls or mishaps.

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Music sheet Stand With Mic Stand Holder Description

5 Core 2 in 1 sheet music stand- the perfect addition to any musician's toolkit.This foldable music stand is a game-changer, combining amusic sheet tray and mic arm all in one! You can nowsing or play an instrumentfrom a sheet easily and conveniently while looking natural to your audience.

The Music sheet Stand With Mic Stand Holder is versatile and can be adjustedto suit any environment. The 5 Core portable music stand features asturdy metal designwith ametal tripod support legthat canhandle heavy load capacity. Its adjustable height, tilt, and tray can be easily customized to suit different situations.

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.

Music sheet Stand With Mic Stand Holder Features





This Music sheet Stand With Mic Stand Holder weighs nearly 1.2 kg/2.65lb and has a collapsible design, making it lightweight and portable.

5 Core music stand's height can be adjusted from 21.6 inches to 63 inches. As a result, it is appropriate for a wide range of people.

5 Core music stand is composed of high-grade ABS plastic, a high-strength plastic that is lightweight and robust enough to be used for a long time.

The music stand can be set up in minutes. The knobs are big, easy to use, and offer a comfortable grip.

Product specification

  • Weighs nearly 1.2KG/2.65lb

  • The material is ABS plastic and metal.

  • Features a dedicated Mic arm stand.

  • Height adjustment from 21.6 inches to 63 inches.

Package includes

  • Full set of Music sheet Stand With Mic Stand Holder

  • Mic clip x1

stand for music
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