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5 Core Cardioid Vocal Microphone Black Unidirectional Pickup| On/Off Switch, Steel Mesh Grille and Integral Pop Filter| 12ft XLR Connector in the Box- 308P

5 Core Cardioid Vocal Microphone Black Unidirectional Pickup| On/Off Switch, Steel Mesh Grille and Integral Pop Filter| 12ft XLR Connector in the Box- 308P

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About Unidirectional Vocal Mic

  1. Dynamic Karaoke Mic: 5 Core Cardioid Unidirectional Vocal Mic with  XLR cord, ideal for live situations needing noise cancellation, great for presentations, weddings, conferences, places of worship, interviews, and solo performance.

  2. Unidirectional: The dynamic microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern and captures the source signal while minimizing background noise and feedback.

  3. Frequency response: The XLR microphone has an ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound, with an integrated pop filter and windscreen to minimize breath and pop noise.

  4. High quality: Our microfono has high-quality, rugged construction for maximum reliability, featuring a steel mesh windscreen with anti-dent ring protection. The microphone also has a convenient on/ off switch.

  5. Extra long cord: 5 Core Professional Unidirectional Vocal Mic comes with an extra long code, making it perfect for every possible recording scenario. Now freely move around according to your convenience.
Unidirectional Vocal Mic

Unidirectional Vocal Mic Description

Introducing the cardioid dynamic microphone for singing and professional recording, the one microphone that can do it all! Featuring a cardioid pickup pattern, this dynamic microphone offers superior gain while minimizing feedback, making the Unidirectional Vocal Mic perfect for all kinds of situations where noise cancellation is needed. Whether you are presenting at a conference, performing at a wedding, or singing solo on stage, this karaoke microphone has got you covered.

Built with rugged material and a metal mesh windscreen with an anti-dent ring, this XLR microphone is designed for maximum reliability, ensuring that it will come through for you time and time again, even after countless gigs and studio applications. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, this versatile, dynamic microphone is a must-have for any performer or recording artist.

Unidirectional Vocal Mic Features


XLR Cable

Premium Sound


The dynamic microphone is compatible with most audio systems, including DVD players, mixers, and home theater.

Fully shielded XLR cable for minimal interference over long distances.

The Unidirectional Vocal Mic provides power and clarity, ideal for studio and stage use.

5 Core microphones are trusted by performers of all levels for their professional utility & high performance.


Technical Specification

  • Pattern- Cardioid
  • Impedance- 300 Ohm
  • Connection- XLR cable
  • Frequency- 50- 16000 Hz

Package Include:

  • 12 ft XLR cable
  • 1x Unidirectional Vocal Mic

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Question: What is the impedance of the microfono?

Answer: The microfono has 300 Impedance.

Question: What kind of events is this microphone suitable for?

Answer: This microphone is perfect for all kinds of live events, including presentations, weddings, conferences, singing, and more.

Question: Can I use the XLR microphone for recording in a studio?

Answer: Yes, this XLR microphone is versatile and can be used for stage and recording applications.

Question: What is the frequency response of the dynamic microphone?

Answer: The Unidirectional Vocal Mic has a 50 to 16000 Hz frequency response.

Question: What is a cardioid pickup pattern?

Answer: A cardioid pickup pattern is a directional microphone that captures sound mainly from the front of the microphone while minimizing sound from the side and rear. This is ideal for live situations where noise cancellation is needed.

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