5 Core PA Speaker Trumpet Reflex Horn Throat 22" Aluminum Body Support Most Compression Driver

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About Waterproof PA Horn Speaker

  1. Sturdy build:The 5 Core high-quality trumpet horn is made of durable Aluminum, designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and withstand adverse climatic conditions. This Waterproof PA Horn Speaker comes equipped ear clip for sturdy clamp fitting.

  2. Acoustically designed:The trumpet horn features an acoustically designed flask that ensures proper sound dispersion for maximum sound quality. The flask is made of high-quality materials guaranteed to stand the test of time.

  3. Easy mounting:To make installation a breeze, this trumpet horn comes with a heavy-duty 16 gauge Aluminum stand that is sturdy and easy to install at various locations. The stand is designed to provide a secure and stable mounting platform for the trumpet horn, ensuring optimal sound quality and performance.

  4. Diverse application:Our trumpet horn features 18 universal tappin' inclusive (T.P.I) in the flask, allowing for universal mounting with driver horns. This feature ensures that the trumpet horn is versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications.

  5. Weatherproof:The 5 Core Waterproof PA Horn Speaker is equipped with an aluminum clamp that keeps the horn stationary in adverse climatic conditions. This ensures the horn remains in place even in windy or stormy weather, providing reliable and consistent performance.

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