5 CORE Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Premium Mic Deep Bass Sound IPX8 Waterproof Touch Control 30Hrs Dual Mode with Charging Case Black EP01

5 CORE Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Premium Mic Deep Bass Sound IPX8 Waterproof Touch Control 30Hrs Dual Mode with Charging Case Black EP01

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  • ♫ CLEAR CALL & SOUND QUALITY - The latest Bluetooth 5.0 with TWS technology on both Bluetooth earbuds allows for faster pairing, a more stable connection, and signal transmission (50ft no-obstacle range). After you open the Bluetooth function, you only need to take out two earbuds or any single earbud, and they will open and connect automatically. Bluetooth 5.0 chip that works flawlessly with tablets, laptops, iOS, and Android smartphones.
  • ♫ FEATURES - With touch control sensors, 5 Core Ear Pods can greatly reduce pressure on your ears when you press the button for different functions. To play/pause music, the touch program uses special software, single-touch, and double-touch, which effectively reduces touch by mistakes or inaccurate touch. Furthermore, it could change the volume, go back and forth between songs, and so on. It is more convenient for you to listen to music and make phone calls.
  • ♫ DEEP BASS SOUND - 5 Core Ear Pods are equipped with the latest moving-coil loudspeaker with a larger dynamic driver, it has Hi-Fi sound quality, Deep bass, and 3D surround stereo, making you feel as if you are listening to a concert on the scene, providing you with a realistic sound. A single charge can keep the earbuds running for 6 hours. The Charging Case charges the earbuds four times, for a total of 30 hours of use. Your earbuds could be charged whenever and wherever you want.
  • ♫ IPX8 WATERPROOF AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Wireless earbuds 5 Core Ear Pods IPX8 waterproof certification, tested submerged to 5.0'/1.0 m for 30 minutes rugged enough to withstand everything from sweat to all water activities Perfect for any adventure.
  • ♫ COMFORT FIT - 5 Core Ear Pods wireless Bluetooth earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your ear, even after hours of listening pleasure. (M size installed), 1 pair of ear caps (S/ M/ L) to exchange a better experience, please try different sizes of Ear Caps first.

Product Description

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5 Core Wireless Earbuds with 30H Playtime Bluetooth 5.0 IPX8 Waterproof Touch Control

5 Core Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology Enabled Welcome to an exciting and innovative way to enjoy listening to music, making calls, and having effective workouts. With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for ultra-clear sound and call quality and connectivity, along with fast pairing, a portable charging case and IPX8 water resistant technology, you will be ready to attack the day with comfortable, hi-tech earbuds.


  • FAST PAIRING - Quick pairing process! Earbuds sync-ed seconds after removing from case while the pairing process is instant after first time use.
  • COMPACT CHARGING CASE - Take your portable case on-the-go to provide you with charging wherever life takes you. 4 LED lights will showcase earbud charging percentages. Just open the box to turn on or pair these best Bluetooth earbuds to your Bluetooth devices. When you're finished, simply close the case to turn it off. When you're ready to listen again, the case will already be paired for next time!
  • 10 Mins of Charge For 1.5hrs of Music - Just 10 minutes of charging equips you for a full 1.5 hrs of listening! Use the LED light on the charging case to know how much battery is left, while the built-in magnets hold the earbuds in place.
  • Hi-fi STEREO SOUND QUALITY- The latest acoustic engineering and components immerse you in the musical pleasure of powerful bass, balanced alto voice, and the crisp clear treble immediately after you put on put on our in-ear Bluetooth headphones. We restore the genuine Live sound quality for you. It's like you're really at the concert! Hear bass like you never have with 5 Core EP-01 wireless earbuds beats. From drum kicks to clean vocals, it will be like listening to your favorite songs for the very first time!
  • SWEAT-PROOFING PROCESS - In consideration of gym-goers and sports enthusiasts, our Bluetooth earbuds in a seamless structure are strictly sweat proofing processed, No matter how sweaty your body gets in sports, the 5 Core EP-01 will stick with you the whole time. Even rain can't stop these cordless Bluetooth earbuds, which are compact and lightweight to follow you wherever your life takes you, making it the ideal choice for Workouts, hanging out, or gaming, your jogging, Yoga, hiking, traveling, etc.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - TWS earbuds are ergonomically designed to perfectly fit people’s ears and maximize your wearing experience, in case of frequently falling out with movements. It comes with S/M/L Ear tips to best serve ear canals in different sizes.
  • SMART TOUCH CONTROL - To be the real sense of true wireless earbuds, our Bluetooth headphones add in the touch control function, enabling you to answer/reject calls, start/pause music, activate voice assistant, send a message a
  • Power Supply in Emergency - Built-in super capacity rechargeable battery. Provide extra 20 times recharge for earbuds and your alternative power supply choice for other devices.


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  • What is the use of the origin button of the battery box?


-Long press for 10s to clear the original Bluetooth connection record and enter re-pairing mode.

-Press to activate the output power function to other devices.

-Short press to indicate battery voltage.


  • How do I connect 5 Core EP-01 to my mobile device?


When the earbuds are initially removed from the case, they will automatically enter discoverable mode and can be detected by your mobile device. To connect your device and learn about more features, please see the user manual.


  • What is the range of 5 Core EP-01 wireless Earbuds?


As long as the earbuds and the device are within 33 ft (10 m) of each other, the earbuds will play audio from the source device. These ranges may be reduced by physical obstructions, such as walls and doors or by interference from other electronic devices.


  • How to handle the situations when the earbuds drop into water?


If the earbuds get wet, shake the water out of the earbuds, gently tap-dry each with a towel and allow them to air dry completely, before placing in charging box!

Please refer to the User Manual for all other issues.

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