5 Core Portable Megaphone Speaker Battery Power 30W Bullhorn w Siren • Volume Adjustable Mega Phone

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5 Core best Megaphone Bullhorn with unique features

  1. Powerful Megaphone Voice Amplifier: Amplify your voice for clear and loud communication with the 5 Core 30W megaphone bull horn. This loudspeaker can project voice up to 800 feet. The volume can reach very loud. You can adjust the output using the volume control buttons.
  2. Loud Siren Alert Mode: The bull horn loud speaker features a very loud emergency tone, so it functions as a siren speaker to attract an audience instantly. Despite its compact size, this mini megaphone matches the performance of larger and more expensive megaphones.
  3. Record and Repeat: Play recorded messages repeatedly. Simplify operation by storing and playing pre-recorded messages with the push of a button, minimizing the need for live speaking.
  4. Portable and Battery Operated: This bullhorn megaphone is powered by 4 “C” type batteries(Not Included). Making it ideal for locations without power. Its ergonomic folding handle, lightweight design, and convenient carry strap make it easy to carry.
  5. Multi-purpose Mega Phone: This bull horn is used by indoor and outdoor professionals, including fire officers, coaches, police, cheerleaders, firefighters, directors, and event organizers. It is designed to effectively meet various needs.

Handheld Megaphone Speaker - Compact Portable Megaphone Speaker with Siren Alarm Mode Adjustable Volume, Battery Operated

Product Description

5 Core professional megaphone, designed to make your voice heard with clarity and precision! Available in sleek white and red color, it delivers a robust 30W of power, ensuring your message carries across any crowd. Easily adjust the volume to suit your needs and record up to 8 seconds of your speech for repeated playback.

Activate the alarm/siren mode for emergencies or attention grabbing situations. The detachable mic in the portable megaphone offers versatility in sound projection. With an impressive 800 feet voice projection range, powered by 4 type “C” batteries (not included), this powerful mega phone is your ultimate communication tool for any event or occasion.

PA Speaker Features

Speech Recording

Built-in mic

Heavy Duty Build

Adjustable Volume

Record 8 seconds and Play important messages repeatedly as needed. Critical instructions or warnings can be quickly broadcast, potentially saving lives.

Eliminates the need for external microphones, reducing setup time and complexity. Makes it easy to carry and use without additional accessories.

Durable materials were used to construct this Bullhorn. It is designed to be used outdoors or in rugged conditions and can withstand the rigors of regular use.

Adjustable volume settings allow you to tailor the sound output to suit different environments and situations. It can be used to avoid feedback or distortion.

Small Megaphone Specification

  • Color- White and Red
  • Power- 30W
  • Volume Control- Yes
  • Recording- 8 Seconds
  • Alarm/ Siren Mode- Yes
  • Voice Projection Range- 800 Feet
  • Power Source- Battery(not included)
  • Battery Type- C
  • No. of Battery Require- 4

Package Information

  • 1x Megaphone

About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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