5 Core 8 Inch Subwoofer • 1000W PMPO 4 Ohm Replacement Car Bass Sub Woofer w 1" Voice Coil

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  1. 200-watt Max power: This 8-inch subwoofer boasts an impressive power range of 100W RMS to 200W max power, which results in high-quality sound resonance.

  2. Cone: The 5 Core 8-inch subwoofer is constructed with a paper cone foam edge, a resilient and durable material that provides excellent sound quality and ensures the subwoofer's longevity.

  3. Unmatched performance: The 8in subwoofer's unmatched performance is attributed to its 90mm DBL magnet, which produces powerful audio and stereo.

  4. Voice coil: The subwoofer speaker comes with a 4-ohm impedance, and its 1" voice coil can resist corrosion, providing a longer lifespan.

  5. Special Features: 5 Core uses highly adhesive in the assembly of the Speaker for strong bonding between all parts. Best quality Lead-free solder used for a strong connection between Coil wire, Tag, and Copper tensile wire. Best Flexibility Spiders/Dampers for accurate cone movement.

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