5 Core Tabla Mic XLR Wired Uni Directional Snare Tom Instrument Microphone

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  1. Tailored Microphone Cartridge wide frequency response designed for clear reproduction of tabla sound.
  2. Dynamic Moving Coil Uni-Directional Pickup for high gain before feedback, and reduce unwanted noise.
  3. Capture Natural Sound with clarity of different instruments such as tablas, snare, toms, kick drums.
  4. Swivel Joint Features for easy setup. Quick-release latches for effortless and fast mic positioning.
  5. Hardened Steel Mesh Grilles protect the Tabla microphones against dust, moisturephysical damage.

Tabla Microphone Description

Experience the unparalleled precision of our tabla mics, equipped with dynamic moving coils for rich and authentic sound capture from the tabla. The unidirectional pickup pattern ensures focused audio capture, allowing your tablas to shine. With a broad frequency response, every beat is faithfully reproduced. The sensitivity of the instrument mics ensures clarity and noise-free sound.

The tabla microphone package contains the dynamic duo to elevate your performance with the ultimate tabla mic, where precision meets passion.

Drum MicrophoneFeatures

Precision Sound

Versatile Usage

High Gain Low Noise

Build to Last

Tailored frequency response forTablawith exceptional punch and studio-quality sound at high-pressure levels.

Ideal for a wide range of drums, capturing the full body of toms, snares, and hand drums for diverse musical needs.

The uni-directional moving coil mic provides clear sound with high gain and minimal unwanted noise.

Tabla mic is protected by durable steel mesh grilles, ensuring longevity.

Tabla Mic Specification-

  • Element: Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Polar Patten: Uni-Directional
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-16KHz
  • Sensitivity -49dB+3dB
  • Output Impedance: 400O+30%

Snare Mic Specification-

  • Element: Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Polar Patten: Uni-Directional
  • Frequency Response50Hz-14KHz
  • Sensitivity -53dB+3dB
  • Output Impedance: 500O+30%

Package Information:

  • 1x Tom Microphone
  • 1x Snare Microphone

About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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