5 Core 1 Way Passive Cross Over Network Frequency Divider Metalised Polyester Capacitors

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About Item

1.    1 Way Crossover Minimize Distortion & maximize signal clarity, offer immersive listening experience.
2.    Deliver Clear and Precise Audio by efficiently dividing the frequency range for great sound quality.
3.    Premium Metalized Polyester Capacitors that provide exceptional reliability, enhanced signal clarity
4.    Seamless Integration with 1 No. HR Driver CD-90A, offering effortless installation and compatibility
5.    Compact & Efficient Design saves space without compromising on performance, allow flexible placement

Product Description
Experience superior sound quality with our professional 1 way passive crossover network. Engineered for compatibility with the HR driver CD-90A, this frequency driver features high power resistance air coils and premium metalized polyeaster capacitors. Delivering precise audio clarity and exceptional performance, it ensures your sound system operates at its best.
Perfect for audiophiles and professionals seeking unparalleled sound accuracy, this crossover network transforms your listening experience. Elevate your audio setup with our reliable, high performance solution designed for peak performance and durability.


Premium Air Coil
High power resistance air coil ensures superior sound quality and stability even at high power levels. 

The 1 way frequency divider is specifically designed to complement the HR driver CD-90A for optimal performance. 

Professional Design 
The crossover filter built to meet the rigors demands of professional audio setups. Perfect for home use as well. 

Enhanced Audio 
Delivers precise and clear audio, enhancing your overall listening experience. 

Product Specification
•    Professional 1 Way Passive Cross Over Network
•    Designed for use with 1 No. HR Driver CD-90A
•    High Power Resistance Air coils
•    High quality metalized polyester capacitors

Package Information
•    1x 1 Way Passive Cross Over Network

About Brand
5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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