Pro audio equipment by 5 core

With over 30 years of experience in audio systems development, design, and manufacturing, ranging from microphones, and amplifier to high-quality pro audio equipment for the largest venues, serving customers is what we aim for. From the individual with a dream to well-established music artists, 5 Core is your home for high-quality audio equipment.

Explore the wide selection of pro audio equipment. We have an enormous inventory of Amplifiers, Microphone, speakers, Megaphones, D.J equipment, Guitar, high-quality Cable and Connector, Stands, and Mic accessories; we have everything you need for a successful music session. Besides the pro audio equipment, we also manufacture and design home gadgets, Appliances, Beauty Products, and many more.

Give your audience the sound experience they deserve with pro audio equipment made by 5 Core. We are a pioneer in designing and manufacturing some of the industry's best audio systems and accessories. Our extensive collection of professional sound equipment gives you exceptional sound quality plus stable, reliable operation.

The 5 Core Promises

  • To provide you with a convenient, one-stop resource for an unequaled variety of top-quality pro audio equipment. We want to offer the right solution so that you can reach your goal.
  • To provide transparency and personalized services adhering to your budget. You can order in bulk as well as for your personal use too. We serve everyone. We fulfillthe need for audiophiles, well-established music artists, and stage performers. Our pro audio is meant for everyone.
  • We are proud to offer a vast selection of audio equipment. Our 35,000 yards warehouse is packed and ready to ship. Many products ship on the same day!
  • We understand that you are buying a product as a long-term investment. This is why 5 Core produces the most high-quality products by adhering to the highest quality standards & materials.
  • You are ordering directly from the manufacturer. And we offer the most competitive pricing on our products. We can ensure the lowest price on most of our products.

Order the best pro audio equipment

From our beginnings as a premium electronic manufacturer, in 1984, to today, as a leader in supplying pro audio equipment, home gadget, and Kitchen & cooking appliances, we’re fuelled by a passion for delivering the best products. Our team of trained and experienced product experts is very helpful.

We understand your challenges and know you require trustworthy and reliable expertise now more than ever. At 5 Core, we offer solutions to your audio requirements, P. A system and proven support service.