5Core Professional Dual USB and MP3 CD Player Rack Mountable DJ Equipment with Audio Pitch Control Multimedia CD R and MP3 Compatible- DJM 1200

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  • Keep your beats fresh: This player has an anti-shock system that uses RAM buffer memory. It also has two selectable jog modes: search and pitch bend. Additionally, it has instant-start and cue with a preview for added control over your media.
  • Top-notch control: The DJM 1200 player features rubber jog wheels with finger grips, a large LCD display with purple backlighting, variable pitch control ranging from +/- 4% to 16%, and a track button for easy navigation.
  • Dual CD player: Our double CD player is designed to accommodate two CDs simultaneously, allowing you to enjoy continuous music without needing to constantly swap the music.
  • Seamless transition: Transitioning between the two CDs is a breeze with our player. It ensures that there are no abrupt pauses or jarring interruptions when you switch from one disc to another.
  • Anti-skip technology: Whether using the CD player in a mobile setting or stationary, the advanced anti-skip technology ensures that your music remains undisturbed even when the player is subjected to vibrations or movement.

Product Description

Experience seamless DJing with our double CD player, the ultimate companion for any music enthusiast. Compatible with MP3 and CD-R, it offers versatility like no other. With features like manual BPM, 40-second anti-shock memory, and precise frame search, your mixes will be flawless.

Navigate effortlessly with two operating modes for the jog wheel, pitch bend, and search. Enjoy instant start and cue functions with preview and stutter effects for added creativity. Whether it’s single or continuous playback, perfect loops with Reloop, or 3-position pitch control, this player delivers. And with a sleek OLED display and 64 GB USB capacity, your DJ setup just got upgraded.


Seamless Mixing

Precision Control

Continuous Playback

Display and Storage

With manual BPM and 40-second anti-shock memory, you can experience uninterrupted mixing sessions, ensuring a smooth transition every time.

Two operating modes for the jog wheel(Pitch Bend & Search) and frame-precise search allow accurate track navigation, enhancing your DJ performance.

Choose between single or continuous playback modes, ensuring your music never stops, keeping the energy flowing on the dance floor.

The OLED display with backlight offers clear visibility in any environment, while the 64GB and USB capacity allow for ample storage of your favorite tracks.

Product Specification:

  • Manual BPM
  • 40 sec anti-shock memory
  • 2 operating modes for the Jog wheel: Pitch Bend & Search
  • Frame-precise search
  • Instant start
  • Cue function with preview and Stutter effect
  • Single or continuous playback
  • Perfect loop with Reloop
  • 3-position pitch control +/- 4/8/16%
  • Pitch Bend control using the wheel or +/-16% keys
  • OLED display backlight
  • 64GB USB capacity
  • Rack able design

Package Information:

  • 1x Dual CD/USB Player

About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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