5Core Fog Machine 2500W Smoke Machine 6500CFM Low Lying Portable Fogger Maquina De Humo Para Fiestas

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  1. HIGH OUTPUT FOG MACHINE - Coverage 3500-6500cu.ft/min up to 3-6 Meter. Fill any venue with dense fog

  2. RAPID HEAT SMOKE MACHINE - 3 minute warm up time creates atmospheric effects without lengthy delays.

  3. LARGE TANK CAPACITY - A big 2L fluid tank makes smoke for a long time. No need of frequent refilling

  4. EASY TO USE FOGGER - Wireless and wired remotes offer versatile and easy control of your fog effect.

  5. ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURE - Automatic shut-off when fluid levels are low, shock & overheat protection.

Fog Machine Description

Elevate your events with our high-performance, professional 2500W fog machine, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With a preheating time of just 3 minutes, this portable smoke machine delivers a powerful smoke output of 3500-6500cu.ft/min, covering a spray distance of 3-6 meters. The angle of the fogger can also be adjusted to 90 degrees. So, this smoke machine can also spray vertically.

Ideal for parties, stage, Halloween, gender reveal, and DJ events, the maquina de humo features a 2L smoke oil capacity and is controlled via wireless or wired remote. Experience the magic of a low lying fogger, which is perfect for creating stunning visual effects. Our outdoor fogger is the ultimate accessory for unforgettable celebrations.


Oil Based Fogger Machine Features





The fog machine is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for transport and quick setup, making it perfect for mobile DJs and event planners.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our fog machine is built to last, offering reliable performance even with frequent use.

Specifically designed to work with oil-based fog fluids for denser, longer-lasting effects and longevity, less residue, and better for large and small venues.

Our fog machine operates quietly, ensuring that it won't interfere with the ambiance or sound quality of your event.

Fog Machine Specification :

  • Power : 2500W
  • Voltage : 110V 50Hz 
  • Preheating Time. About 3 Minutes
  • Smoke Oil Capacity : 2L
  • Spray Distance : 3-6 Meters
  • Smoke Coverage : 3500-6500cu.ft/min
  • Control Mode : Wireless & Wired Remote Control

Package Includes :

  • 1x Fog Machine
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 1x Wired Remote
  • 1x Wireless Remote

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