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5 Core Electric Guitar Strings, Pure Nickel Guitar Strings .010-.048 Guitar Strings Electric 4 Pieces String in 1 set GS EL BSS 4PCS

5 Core Electric Guitar Strings, Pure Nickel Guitar Strings .010-.048 Guitar Strings Electric 4 Pieces String in 1 set GS EL BSS 4PCS

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Pure Nickel guitar strings- For a Brighter Sound

5 Core Coated Pure Nickel guitar string is the ultimate choice for musicians who want to take their playing to the next level. Made from premium Nikel, our strings offer exceptional tone, playability, and durability.

Our Nickel Electric Strings are designed with a special coating and unique winding technique, which enhances its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Let's explore some of the most important USPs of our strings:

Pure Nickel guitar string - GS EL BSS 4PCS USPs (4 Pieces per pack)

  • PREMIUM GUITAR STRING - 5 Core guitar strings are our premium electric bass strings, with a high carbon hexangular steel core interior coated with Pure Nickel on the exterior delivering unrivaled strength, tuning stability, dynamic and rich tone.

  • STAYS IN TUNE, STRONGER STRING - 5 Core electric bass strings stay in tune 130% better than standard strings, while the Steel core wire makes them up to 40% stronger and bent two whole steps higher, 5 Core Electric Strings are still at less than 75% of their breaking point.

  • Heavy Bass String: All heavy bass electric strings feature a series of lock twists to secure the wire around the ball-end, preventing slippage and ensuring a long-lasting string.

  • EXACT STANDARDS, EXTRAORDINARY SOUNDS - 5 Core in-house wire drawing machines produce musical instrument wire to our exact specifications. Control over materials, equipment, and quality allow us to deliver high-performance strings.

  • SIX SIDES OF STABILITY - Precision-drawn hexagonal core was pioneered by 5 Core. This innovation allows the wrap wire to grip the core for superior dimensional stability, enhanced durability, and precise intonation.Â


In conclusion, guitar strings are an essential component of the guitar that can greatly impact the instrumentâ??s tone and playability. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, itâ??s important to choose the right strings for your instrument to choose the right strings for comfortable playability and better tone. Additionally, it is also important to regularly maintain and replace your strings in order to ensure optimal performance.

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