5 Core DJ Speakers 8" Rechargeable Powered PA System 250W Loud Speaker - Active Home 8 2-MIC

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About Rechargeable Powered PA System

  1. 250 Watts Rechargeable Powered PA System: Immerse yourself in HD stereo sound with our active PA Speaker, boasting 8 Inch subwoofer speaker and super bullet tweeter for full-range sound reproduction with a frequency response of 80hz-16khz. Included speaker stand for optimal speaker placement, ideal for House Parties, Karaoke Nights, Outdoor Gatherings and more.

  2. Wireless Audio Streaming: Latest Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming, alongside USB/ SD Card/ AUX inputs, and built-in FM Radio and MP3 Player. The large display and control set behind the back of the Rechargeable Powered PA System let you control input and output easily.

  3. Guitar Amp & Speaker Ready: Amplify your jam sessions easily- plug in any electric guitar and get ready to rock on. The bass/ treble equalizer fine-tunes your sound, while the LED ring on the woofer surround adds a vibrant tone, easily controlled with the on/off switch. Plus, with XLR-balanced digital audio inputs, the possibilities are endless.

  4. Rechargeable Speaker: Keep the party rolling with a 24-hour standby. It lets you jam for 3 to 5 hours non stop. No need to stay plugged in – this portable speaker keeps the music flowing without hunting for outlets. It's your ticket to a hassle-free, cord-free good time!

  5. Rugged and Portable powered speaker: Party on the move! Our Rechargeable Powered PA System is your ultimate travel companion, featuring a retractable handle and two wheels for effortless portability. Take the celebration wherever you go, without breaking a sweat.

Active Speaker
Product Description

Immerse yourself in HD stereo sound with our 250W(PMPO) active DJ speaker system. Boasting an 8-inch subwoofer speaker and super bullet tweeter, Rechargeable Powered PA System delivers full-range sound reproduction, perfect for house parties and karaoke nights. Outdoors, gatherings, and more. Stay connected with the latest Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming, and enjoy versatile inputs including USB, SD Card, AUX, and FM Radio, and rock out with ease while the bass/ treble equalizer and LED ring on the woofer add a vibrant touch.

With its rechargeable battery, enjoy up to 5 hours of nonstop entertainment, and take the party anywhere with its rugged and portable design featuring a retractable handle and wheels. Get ready to party on the move.

Premium SpeakerRechargeable Powered PA System

Rechargeable Powered PA System Features

Tripod Speaker Stand

Wireless Mic & Remote control

Bluetooth Connection

Vibrant LED Lights

The included tripod speaker stand allows you to adjust the PA Speaker's height and angle, ensuring optimal sound projection and coverage. It is perfect for DJ gigs, home parties, BBQs, and more.

Sing your heart out with the included wireless microphones. Control the sound and lighting from anywhere in the room using the handy remote control.

Pair your DJ speakers effortlessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device for wireless music streaming. Or, if you prefer, simply plug in using an RCA or 3.5mm cord for a direct connection.

Elevate your party atmosphere with dynamic LED strobe lights, which create amazing effects without the need for extra lighting gear.

Rechargeable Powered PA System

DJ Speaker Specifications

  • Frequency: 80hz-16khz
  • RMS Watt: 25 watt
  • PMPO Watt: 250W
  • Speaker Magnet Size: 16 Oz
  • Super Bullet Tweeter
  • Trolley: Yes
  • Battery: 7.4V/2200mah
  • Play Time: 3-5hour
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cover-Up Range: 150 m

    Tripod Speaker Stand Specification:
  • Color: Black
  • Tube Material: Metal
  • Thickness: 0.42mm
  • Height: 90cm/ 3 Feet Approx
  • Tube diameter: 35mm

Rechargeable Powered PA SystemWireless Mic

Package Information:

  • 1x Rechargeable Powered PA System
  • 2x Wireless Mics
  • 1x Remote Controls
  • 1x Tripod Speaker Stand

Rechargeable Powered PA System

About Brand

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