5Core 2 Channel Professional Power Amplifier-3U 2800W 4Ω High Powered AMP with LCD Display, XLR Input, Master Volume Controller

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  • 🗸 POWERFUL AUDIO - The 2 Channel Professional Powerful Amplifier- 3U, 4Ω, perfect for Live Stage, DJ, studio, Auditorium, and Worship. With 2800 Watts of peak Power, it is usually sufficient for any outdoor audio requirement, you can easily accommodate 1 sets of speakers, and enjoy the audio impact of high-quality audio amplification. Bass, Treble, Balance, and Master Volume Controller in the Amplifier.
  • 🗸 EQ CONTROLS - The improved professional compact bookshelf sound amplifier features crisp, responsive buttons for mode controls. Rotary knob controls for mic echo/volume balance, bass, treble, master volume, input source, and the unique folder/track.
  • 🗸 LCD DISPLAY METER - The compact and rack mount amplifier has a built-in digital LCD display which gives the amplifier a very elegant look. Thermal Protection for overheat overload, short circuit, dc, soft start.
  • 🗸 HIGH PERFORMANCE – 3 Modes of operation. I.STEREO MODE - Respectively connect the left and right signal sources with CH1 & CH2. The output terminals respectively connect with a speaker. II.PARALLEL MODE – Respectively connects the speaker with the output terminal of each channel, which is controlled by the volume knob at the front panel. III.BRIDGE MODE – Connect the positive terminal of both channels to the speaker. The output volume is controlled by CH1/CH3 volume knob at the front panel.
  • 🗸 SUBHARMONIC SYNTH - Enhanced Subharmonic Synth section provides user control over frequency, gain, and filter type for system-specific tuning. New system monitoring provides software visibility of AC line voltage and power supply temperature.

5Core 6000 Power Stereo Amplifier System - Great Fun for Home Audio5Core 6000 is a professional karaoke amplifier with multiple functions. It has a powerful thrust of 4200 watts peak power, excellent audio processing chip, monitoring function, FM one-click search channel function, dual-microphone jack, and other functions. It is definitely the first choice for home karaoke, desktop amplification, music monitoring, and teaching scenes.About 5 Core5 Core founded in 1984, world's largest Public Addressing System company originated from East India and selling across 65 different nation across the globe, With more than 500+ Products and 3 different brands, 5 Core has more than 2 Million Happy & Satisfied Customers. 5 Core products can be found on concert stages and in airports, stadiums, theme parks and other venues around the world.

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