With a remarkable track record of over three decades in the realm of audio systems development, design, and manufacturing, it encompasses a wide array of products, from microphones and amplifiers to top-of-the-line professional audio equipment tailored for large-scale venues. At 5 Core, we take pride in being the destination for premium-grade pro-audio equipment, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from aspiring individuals to well-established music artists.


Our comprehensive selection of pro audio equipment boasts an extensive inventory featuring Amplifiers, Microphones, Speakers, Megaphones, D.J. equipment, Guitar accessories, High-quality Cables and Connectors, Stands, and Mic accessories. In essence, we provide everything necessary to ensure a successful and seamless music session. Beyond our pro audio offerings, we also excel in the design and manufacturing of various home gadgets, appliances, and more.


Elevate your audio game with the professional audio equipment meticulously designed and crafted by 5 Core. As a pioneer in the industry, we have the finest audio system and accessories available. Our wide-ranging collection of premium sound equipment guarantees exceptional audio quality, complemented by unwaveringly stable and reliable operations. Rest assured that our products are made towards fulfilling your requirements, bringing forth a profound sonic journey that leaves a lasting impact.


The 5 Core Commitments


  1. Comprehensive Selection: At 5 Core, we take pride in being your ultimate, all-in-one resource for an unparalleled variety of top-quality pro audio equipment. Our aim is to provide the right solutions that help you achieve your goals seamlessly.
  2. Transparent and Personalized Service: We believe in transparency and tailor-made services that align with your budget. Whether you require products in bulk or for personal use, we cater to all. Our offerings cater to audiophiles, well-established music artists, and stage performers alike. Our pro audio equipment is meant to elevate everyone's auditory experience.
  3. Vast Inventory and Swift Delivery: With our vast 35,000-yard warehouse fully stocked and ready to ship, we ensure a fast delivery process. Many of our products are shipped on the same day, ensuring you receive your audio equipment promptly.
  4. Uncompromising Quality: Recognizing that investing in our products is a long-term decision, we take great care to produce the most high-quality items by adhering to the strictest quality standards and using premium materials. Your satisfaction and the longevity of our products are of paramount importance to us.
  5. Manufacturer Direct Pricing: When you order from us, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, which allows us to offer the most competitive pricing on our pro audio equipment. Our commitment to providing the lowest prices on most of our products ensures that you get the best value for your investment.


Order the Best Pro Audio Equipment


Since our inception in 1984 as a premium electronic manufacturer, we have evolved into a leading supplier of pro audio equipment, home gadgets, and kitchen & cooking appliances. Our unwavering dedication to delivering the finest products stems from our passion for excellence. Our team of trained and experienced product experts is always ready to assist you in making informed decisions.


We Understand Your Needs


We recognize the challenges you face and understand the importance of reliable expertise, especially in today's dynamic environment. At 5 Core, we offer tailored solutions for your audio requirements, including P.A. systems, backed by a proven track record of support services that you can trust. Our commitment to your satisfaction drives us to continually exceed expectations and ensure your audio experiences are nothing short of exceptional.