Portable Powerhouse- Meet 5 Core Active Speaker the Party Favorite

When it comes to making sure everyone hears the music or speeches loud & clear, having the right gear is super important. And that’s where our Active PA speaker comes in. It’s packed with cool features to make your sound out a big way.

Benefits of the Active PA Speaker

Powerful Performance: With a 12 inch speaker size and RMS wattage of 150 watts, our active PA speaker delivers robust sound output, Ensuring your audience hears every note with clarity and projection.

Enhanced Sound Projection: Equipped with a super bullet tweeter and a frequency range spanning from 40Hz to 18kHz, this speaker ensures a balanced audio spectrum, from deep bass to crisp highs, filling any space with immersive sound.
Active PA Speaker

Effortless Connectivity: Seamlessly connect your devices via Bluetooth, allowing for wireless audio streaming from smartphones, tablets, or laptops, making setup and operation hassle-free.

Versatile Wireless Microphone: Featuring UHF wireless microphone technology, our DJ speaker provides reliable connectivity up to 200 meters, giving performers and presenters the freedom to move without sacrificing audio quality.

Convenient Control: Take command of your sound with the included remote control, allowing for easy adjustment of volume, EQ settings, and LED lighting effects from a distance.

Portability and Convenience: Designed for on-the-go use, 5 Core Active PA Speaker comes equipped with a retractable handle and durable wheels, making transportation effortless whether you’re setting up for a gig, presentation, or outdoor event.

Active PA Speaker specification 


  • Speaker Size- 12 Inch
  • Tweeter- Super bullet
  • RMS Wattage- 150watt
  • Frequency- 40hz-18khz
  • Sensitivity- 95 db
  • Transformer- Copper
  • Magnet Size- 140x 60x20
  • Operation Voltage- 110-240 Volts
  • Tweeter ferrite- 60mm 25core 6ohms
  • Bluetooth version- 5.1
  • Wireless mic type- UHF
  • Distance Cover- 200m
  • LED- Yes
  • Remote- Yes
  • Retractable Handle- yes
  • Wheels- Yes


Uses of Active DJ Speaker

Imagine hosting a live music event in a bustling outdoor venue. With our active party speaker, you can confidently deliver powerful performances that captivate your audience, thanks to its high-quality sound reproduction and extensive wireless range. Whether you’re a musician, DJ, public speaker, or event organizer, this speaker is the perfect companion for any occasion where clear, reliable audio is essential.
ACTIVE SPeaker Uses

In conclusion, the 5 Core Active PA Speaker sets the standard for professional sound reinforcement, combining advanced technology with unparalleled performance and convenience. Elevate your audio experience and make a lasting impression at your next event with an active PA speaker.