Michael Brun with 5 Core D.J Equipment?

New York City, July 24, 2023: Central Park's iconic Rumsey Playfield in Manhattan reverberated with pulsating beats and electrifying energy on Saturday evening as world-renowned DJ artist Michael Brun took the stage for his much-anticipated BAYO Benefit Concert. Local reports say that the event was nothing short of a musical extravaganza, leaving the audience enthralled and eager for more.

According to attendees and music enthusiasts, they were surprised by the remarkable audio experience at the concert. Revelers notice Michael using a cutting-edge speaker system by 5 Core, which amplifies the music to a whole new level, enveloping the entire venue in rich, crystal-clear sound. The immersive audio setup ensured that every beat, every drop, and every note resonated with precision and intensity, elevating the concert to new heights.

From 5 Core, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all fellow music lovers and fans who contacted us with the information. Knowing that our equipment played a part in enhancing the concert experience for everyone brings us immense pride and joy. As a brand committed to delivering top-notch audio solutions, this acknowledgment from the attendees is truly special.

Despite not being present at the event, we look forward to witnessing our DJ equipment deliver its fullest potential in such a grand musical setting.

Note: The BAYO Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Michael Brun, dedicated to providing access to education and empowering underserved communities through various initiatives.