5 Core Unveils New Drum Thrones and Keyboard, Piano Benches

California, USA - As a leading name in the pro audio industry, 5 Core continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its latest line of premium drum thrones, piano and keyboard benches. Designed to meet the demands of musicians at every level, these new products combine durability, comfort, and style to elevate your performance experience to new heights.

Drum Stools:

For drummers seeking versatility without compromising on quality, 5 Core introduces the Drum Stools. Available in vibrant blue, classic black, and fiery red, these stools offer:

  • Seat Padded Thickness: 3.5 Inches

  • Height Range: From 16.93 to 23.62 Inches

  • Load Bearing Capacity: Up to 310 lbs or 140 Kg

  • Materials: Iron, plastic, wood board, sponge, PU

  • Model Blue- DS CH BLU VEL HD
  • Model Firey Red- DS CH RED VEL HD
  • Model Red Pro - DS CH BLK VEL HD

Keyboard Benches:

Elevate your keyboard playing experience with 5 Core's meticulously crafted keyboard benches, available in sleek black and sophisticated brown color options. These benches feature:

  • Height Adjustment: Four positions ranging from 12 to 18.5 inches (31 to 47 cm)

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 330 lbs

  • Padded Thickness: 2 inches or 5 CM

  • Seat Dimension: 30x 45 x 5 cm

  • Materials: Iron, sponge, PU leather, wood board

Heavy Duty Keyboard Bench:

For the discerning musician who demands nothing but the best, 5 Core presents the Heavy Duty Keyboard Bench, available in black, brown, pink, and white. This bench offers:

  • Seat Thickness: 2.7 CM

  • Load Bearing Capacity: Up to 340 lbs or 155 KG

  • Height Adjustment: From 19.5 to 21.26 Inches

  • Materials: Iron, plastic, leather, sponge, wood board

Adjustable Piano Bench:

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with 5 Core's Adjustable Piano Bench, available in a variety of elegant colors including white piano bench, black piano bench, brown piano bench, and pink piano bench. This bench features:

  • Legs: Curved for ergonomic support

  • Height Adjustment: From 18.90 to 22.83 Inches

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 445 lbs or 201 Kg

  • Padded Thickness: 3 Inches

  • Materials: Iron, plastic, wood, sponge

Adjustable Piano Bench

With the launch of these innovative products, 5 Core reaffirms its commitment to delivering top-notch equipment that empowers musicians to perform at their best. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, these drum thrones and keyboard benches are sure to become indispensable companions on your musical journey.