Understanding PA Horn Speaker

The horn speaker is a type of loudspeaker that uses a horn to increase the efficiency of the sound output. The horn speaker was invented in the early 20th century and has been used in a variety of applications, including public address systems, musical instruments, and as an add-on to existing sound equipment.

The horn speaker is typically more efficient than a conventional loudspeaker, meaning that it can produce more sound output for given input power. This increased efficiency is due to the fact that the horn acts as an acoustic amplifier, using its shape to focus the sound waves and direct them towards the listener.

The use case of PA Horn Speaker

Horn speakers are often used in a situation where high sound output is required, such as in outdoor concerts or sporting events. But the primary use of these horns is in public address systems, as their increased efficiency means that they can be used to reach large numbers of people with a clear and concise message.

Horn speakers can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on the application for which they intended. The most common type of horn speaker is the megaphone, which is designed for outdoor settings such as sporting events or concerts.

Let's take a look at some of the 5 Core PA horn systems and explore their features.

ABS 100W Siren SUH-150

Designed and made by professionals, the Rectangular-shaped PA Horn Speaker- ABS 100W Siren SUH-150, made of fresh and high-quality First Grade ABS Plastic. 5 Core PA Horns are manufactured by adhering to strict quality standards. From ingredients to the production process, everything goes through careful inspection. The durable material helps the horn to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Clamp for easy installation
  • Line Matching Transformer for power output adjustment.
  • Powerful 15-watt sound enough to achieve your desired loudness.



HW 508 BLK

This heavy-duty PA Horn Speaker HW 508 BLK is excellent to be used outdoors as well as indoors. It is a great PA system that can amplify your speech or music. This 65-watt speaker works at 8 ohms. It is very compact by design and super Easy Installation. The high-quality materials keep the machinery safe from adverse natural conditions.

  • Cleaner and loud far-reaching sound.
  • The horn speaker is bendable and adjustable.
  • Magnify frequencies ranging from 500 Hz - 5 kHz.

HW 508 BLK


Trumpet Horn TH 24

A waterproof Long Range Trumpet Horn is ideal to be used in any weather condition. It is made with high-quality and durable Aluminum. And designed a flask for proper sound dispersion. This PA Horn Speaker horns come with a high-performance-oriented driver for whom it offers amazing and far-reaching sound.

  • Apt to use in extreme climate conditions.
  • Made with lightweight and durable Aluminum.
  • High-quality clean, and intelligible sound output.

Trumpet Horn TH 24



RH - 18"+60W RMS 5core Reflex Horns are suited to use at general-purpose announcements at public events. It is apt to use for high-frequency output due to its well-structured assembling by our team. It has one of the best sound quality. The compact design uses small space, and it is lightweight.

  • Lightweight & rigid Aluminum body.
  • It has IP66 protection that can match any climate condition.
  • The amazing sound quality reaches far. It has a crisp and penetrating sound.

PA Horn Speaker

And many more…




In the year since its invention, the PA Horn Speaker has been used in a variety of applications. Thanks to constant R&D, today, it has reached improved efficiency. Horn speakers continue to be a popular choice for a variety of sound reinforcement needs.

PA horn speakers can provide high sound pressure levels, wide frequency response, and low distortion at their core. They are also efficient, requiring less power to produce the same sound level as traditional power. For its long-distance reachability, horn speakers are often used in outdoor settings.

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