5 Core UHF Wireless Microphone 210FT Max Range Karaoke DynamicMicrofono Inalambrico Cardioid

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  1. Wireless Karaoke Microphone Long Distance: Enjoy an extended wireless range of up to 210 feet or approximately 65 meters with this karaoke microphone set. You'll experience no delay, no radiation, and innovative anti-howling and anti-jamming features. The set offers adjustable UHF channels and constant frequency distortion of less than 0.5%, ensuring that the sound you record or transmit stays clear and doesn't get fuzzy or distorted.
  2. Unidirectional Handheld Microphone: The wireless mics have a built-in unidirectional coil that moves around the core. This coil provides various benefits, such as noise reduction, isolation of the target sound, feedback reduction, improved gain before feedback, and enhanced sound quality. It is perfect for various events such as conferences, speeches, outdoor events, parties, ceremonies, yoga or dance instruction, and more.
  3. Plug And Play, Easy To Use: The wireless microphone can be used with audio systems that have a microphone input. These karaoke microphones are perfect for use with singing machines, speakers with microphone input, audio amplifiers, PA systems, mixers, voice amplifiers, and other multimedia or audio streaming devices. The handheld microphone's display shows the signal and battery status in real-time. Please note that the Aux input is not compatible with Bluetooth speakers and laptops. 
  4. Stable Signal: Simply power on the wireless microphone system and the receiver will automatically sync with the transmitter's frequency. Multiple adjustable channels ensure freedom from radio interference, allowing for simultaneous use.
  5. Battery-Powered Microphone and Rechargeable Receiver: The rechargeable lithium battery of the receiver takes only 2-3 hours to charge and provides up to 6 hours of usage time, making sure you are always prepared for your performance. The wireless microphone and receiver are built from a strong metal alloy and coated with anti-corrosion paint, making them durable and reliable for extended use.

    Product Description

    Experience unparalleled wireless karaoke performance with our state-of-the-art microphone system. Our microphone system features a frequency range of 500MHz to 599MHz and digital modulation PSK, which ensures clear audio with a 48kHz sampling rate and >96dB signal-to-noise ratio. With VCO oscillation mode, you can expect reliable performance every time. Moreover, our receiver boasts a 60MHz RF bandwidth, dual frequency points, and >105dB signal-to-noise ratio, capturing every vocal nuance accurately. Experience the joy of seamless transmission with our wireless microphone system. With <0.5% distortion, 96dB dynamic range, and 2.5ms receive delay, it ensures uninterrupted performance. A long-lasting lithium battery powers the system and features a BNC/50O antenna and >80dB harmonic interference ratio, guaranteeing consistent quality. Elevate your karaoke experience with our premium wireless microphone set, designed to bring out the best in your voice.


    Extended Vocal Coverage

    High Fidelity Audio

    Reliable Wireless Connection

    Low Latency Signal

    The 500MHz to 599MHz frequency range allows for capturing a wide range of audio frequencies, making it ideal for recording or transmitting sounds.

    With a dynamic range of 96dB, both quiet and loud sounds are reproduced accurately, preserving the original audio's dynamics with clarity and precision.

    Stable wireless connectivity ensures minimum dropouts and interference, while its anti-jamming security and extended range of up to 210 feet provide the freedom to move around.

    The UHF microphone system has a receiver delay of 2.5ms which ensures minimal lag in transmission, keeping your audio in sync.

    Microphone Specification: 

    • Frequency range: 500MHz to 599MHz
    • Modulation mode: Digital modulation PSK
    • Audio sampling rate:48KHz
    • Channel spacing:>300KHz
    • Audio signal to noise ratio:>96dB
    • Frequency response: 30Hz--20kHz
    • Oscillation mode: VCO oscillation inside the chip

    Receiver Specifications:

    • RF Bandwith: 60MH
    • Frequency Points: 2*50?
    • Signal-to-noise Ratio: >105dB
    • Receiving Sensitivity: 10-20dBuV
    • Frequency Response: 80Hz-18KHz
    • Distortion: <0.5%
    • Dynamic Range: 96dB
    • Receive Delay: 2.5 ms
    • Battery type: Lithium
    • Antenna: BNC/50O
    • Sensitivity:-96dBm
    • Harmonic interference ratio:>80dB
    • False interference ratio:>70dB

      Package Information:

      • 2x Wireless Microphones
      • 3x AA Microphone Batteries
      • 1x 6.35 mm(1/4'') to 3.5 mm(1/8'') adapter
      • 2x Anti Slip Ring
      • 2x Mic windscreen
      • 2x USB Charging Cord
      • 1x User Manual

      About Brand

      5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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