All-in-One Karaoke Microphones for Party & Fun

Are you ready to turn any gathering into an unforgettable karaoke party? Say hello to the ultimate musical companion- the all-in-one karaoke microphones! This sleek and powerful device combines the magic of a wireless Bluetooth speaker with the convenience of a portable karaoke system, making every moment a chance to shine.

Feature That Makes You Sing with Joy

Let's delve into what makes an all-in-one wireless karaoke microphone a must-have for music lovers:

Powerful Performance: Experience crystal clear audio with a punchy 5W output, ensuring that your vocals are amplified to perfection.

Long Lasting Fun: Say goodbye to disposable batteries! This karaoke mic for kids and adults boasts a built-in rechargeable battery that keeps the party going for hours on end.

Feature That Makes You Sing with Joy

Versatile Music Playback: Seamlessly connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to stream your favorite tunes. Want to mix it up? Pop in a micro SD card with MP3 or WAV files(up to 32 GB) for instant playback without the need for external devices.

Full Range Sound: From deep bass to soaring highs, the microphone's wide frequency range of 150Hz-20KHz ensures every note is delivered with clarity and depth.

Noise-Free Experience: Enjoy pristine sound quality with a higher signal-to-noise ratio ≥85dB, eliminating background interference for a professional-grade performance.

Let Your Voice Roar: With a maximum sound pressure level of 15db 1kHz THD, your voice will cut through any crowd, making you the star of the show.

Wireless Freedom: Dance, move, and groove with a Bluetooth transmission distance of up to 50 feet, allowing you to roam while belting out your favorite tunes.


Why You Need This Microphone

Imagine the possibilities with an all-in-one karaoke microphone:

Spontaneous Sing-Along: Turn any gathering into a karaoke party in second. Being out the karaoke mics, connect wirelessly, and let the music take center stage.

Portable Performance: Whether you're camping under the stars or chilling at the beach, this compact microphone is your ticket to amazing and fun concerts wherever you are.

Why You Need This Microphone

Perfect for Practice: Hone your vocal skills and experiment with different genres without the need for bulky equipment. The Karaoke microphone is your personal rehearsal studio. An amazing gift for kids as well. They can use it as a toy mic.

How to Rock Your Performance

Using the all-in-one karaoke microphone is as simple as 1-2-3:

Charge & Go: Plug in the microphone using the included USB cable to recharge the built-in battery.

How to Rock Your Performance

Connect & Play: Pair the mic with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Alternatively, insert a memory card loaded with your favorite tracks.

Sing Your Heart Out: Adjust the volume, add a touch of echo for that professional flair, and let your voice soar!

Final Notes

The all-in-one karaoke microphone isn't just a gadget. It's a gateway to unforgettable moments filled with music and laughter. Elevate your gatherings, express your creativity, and become the life of every party with this versatile and stylish microphone.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner rockstar, bring the karaoke experience wherever you go, and let the world hear your voice with the wireless karaoke mic! Get ready to sing, dance, and shine like never before!