5Core VHF Dual Channel DIGITAL PRO Wireless Microphone System with Rec – 5 Core

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5Core VHF Dual Channel DIGITAL PRO Wireless Microphone System with Receiver WM 301 1M1C GLD


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DESCRIPTIONWireless Microphone - WM 301 1M1C GLDFeatures:· Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion· Compact electronic transmitter & receiver circuit...

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Wireless Microphone - WM 301 1M1C GLD

· Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion
· Compact electronic transmitter & receiver circuit for good frequency transmission
· Mouth to Mic reception? 3-inch to 4-inch
· Specially designed receiver compatible with high-quality pure quartz crystal
· Easy installation & low power consumption
· P38 Connector to attach receiver with amplifier
· On/Off/Mute function for easy handling of Microphones
· 9-volt Lithium batteries operated, Unidirectional Microphones, VHF compatible for appropriate professional work, 25m range from the receiver

Technical Specifications:

No. of Microphone
One Headset and One Handheld Microphones

Frequency Range
VHF210-270MHz?Quartz Frequency Lock

Frequency Stability

Modulation Deviation

Audio Frequency Response

S/N Ratio


Audio Output

System Distortion

Operating Range
30-50 m

Operating Temperature Range

Scope of application
Concert, KTV, school, hall, family, party

9V for mic,AC220V for receiver (SMT PCB)

· Premium quality Metal bawl for professional look
· High-output ferrite magnet in cartridge module
· We have the largest range of wireless microphones
· Heavy-weight housing with anti-skid feet ensures stability
· Acoustically designed to match with 5CORE P.A Systems

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