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Ultrasonic Pest Control Set Reject Pro Repeller Home Defender Non-Toxic Pet Safe 5 Core RR 9006 W 1

Ultrasonic Pest Control Set Reject Pro Repeller Home Defender Non-Toxic Pet Safe 5 Core RR 9006 W 1

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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack, 2020 Newest Upgraded Pest Repellent, Pest Control Set of Electronic Plug-in Repellent Indoor for Flea, Mosquitoes, Mice, Spiders, Ants, Roaches, Non-Toxic, Humans & Pets Safe.· Safe and Economical - Different from chemicals, this product is safe for humans and pets. It uses ultrasonic frequency (22 - 50Khz) sound waves to drive pest away and you can see a difference after 3 - 4 weeks of use.·

EASY IN USE: The only thing you need to do to make it work is to plug this electromagnetic pest repeller into the wall socket and press the button for three seconds – the device is ready to go.·

WIDE EFFECTIVE COVERAGE - Effective area up to 800 - 1200 sq. Ft. Since ultrasonic sound cannot penetrate walls and solid objects, one room one unit is recommended.·

USE FOR MANY PESTS AND PLACE - Work on bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, fleas, mosquitoes, roaches, ants, etc. Suitable for kitchen, Living Room, bedroom, bathroom, warehouse, and basement.·

PLEASE NOTE -Ultrasonic pest repeller is Nontoxic & 100% safe for humans & pets. However, if you have a hamster pet at home, please do not use this

product.FEATURES & BENEFITS1. Electromagnetic mosquito repellent has a wide coverage area of 1100 square feet2. Electronic pest repellent has a fire-proof body which makes it environmentally friendly and is harmless for people and pets.3. High-frequency pest repeller leaves your house clean being safe even for the pests which do not die but just leave your property.4. Mosquito repellent is easy to use – all you need to do is hold the switch button for three seconds and it is ready to expel the vermin.

SPECIFICATIONS· Voltage: 110 - 240V· Rated Frequency - 50 / 60 Hz· Area of Coverage: 1100 ft2· Power - 3 ~ 5 WInstruction:1)This machine should be installed at 20~100 cm away from the floor. And should be vertical to the floor and plugged into the outlet.2)In some cases, pest activities might increase at an early stage then disappear after a continuous ultrasound attack. 

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