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DESCRIPTION MIC 4102 (ND, UHF) Features: ·         Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion ·         Two UHF compatible Unidirectional Microphones with 50m...

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MIC 4102 (ND, UHF)


·         Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion

·         Two UHF compatible Unidirectional Microphones with 50m range from the receiver

·         Compact electronic transmitter & receiver circuit for good frequency transmission

·         Mouth to Mic reception – 3-inch to 4-inch

·         Specially designed receiver compatible with high-quality pure quartz crystal

·         Easy installation & low power consumption

·         12-volt adaptor to power the receiver

·         P38 Connector to attach receiver with amplifier

·         On/Off/Mute function for easy handling of Microphones

·         LCD Display

·         XLR socket to connect amplifier or audio mixer

·         Infrared automatic channel targeting and system locking function

·         Specially designed circuit for anti-interference of the signals

·         Two detachable antenna to enhance range of Wireless Microphones

·         1.5V x2 - AA sized batteries operated

·         For Automatic Frequency Operation, Point transmitter to receiver's infrared automatic frequency window, and hold it for 2-3 seconds; Receiver's channel parameters shall be sent to transmitters via infrared date.

·         Main Display Control has + - buttons that display "CHANNEL" or "FREQU”

  •  "CHANNEL" shows channel number on the main display field,
  •   "FREQU" shows the actual Working Frequency on the main display field.

·         Signal/Frequency Setting displays the current operating channel or frequency of receiver

·         System Locking Control has "LOC ON" and "LOC OFF" function

  •  LOCK status can be changed by pressing + - buttons then press SET button to confirm it.
  • This control function is for locking receiver's current working status <channel, frequency, Squelch, display field content, power switch, etc. >
  • "LOC ON" locks the current operating status, even if you turn off the system, all the menu functions can be changed only in a non-locked state "LOC OFF”.

Technical Specifications:

No. of Microphone

Two Wireless Handheld Microphone

Carrier Freq.


Frequency Response


S/N Ratio



1)      PLL Digital locked technology

2)      Infrared ACT and AFS Technology

Effective Working Distance



Frequency Stability


RF output power


Dynamic Range


Power Supply





Image Rejection


Power Supply

AC110-240 50/60Hz



·         Premium quality Metal bawl for professional look

·         High-output ferrite magnet in cartridge module

·         We have the largest range of wireless microphones

·         Heavy-weight housing with anti-skid feet ensures stability

·         Acoustically designed to match with 5CORE® P.A Systems


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