Outdoor Indoor Wall Ceiling Speaker Home Surround Sound Patio Wired 80 – 5 Core

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Outdoor Indoor Wall Ceiling Speaker Home Surround Sound Patio Wired 80W 5Core WST WHITE


  • Brand: 5 Core
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Product Description 5 Core WALL SPEAKERS - T WHITE 5.25” 20W (Steel) DESCRIPTION : 5 Core presents premium-quality T WHITE...

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Product Description



  • Low distortion Full Range Hi-Fi speakers with fine cloth edge cone.
  • Low Carbon forged iron T-yoke & Y-30 approved ferrite magnet
  • Flush mount speaker design for in-wall installation.
  • Sturdy and Rugged look for professional use.
  • Wide, multi directional sound coverage
  • High power handling capacity


Technical Specifications:


  • Max. Power 30W
  • Frequency Response 70Hz-20Khz
  • Operated at 100V/70V
  • SPL at 1 kHz 92dB ±2dB
  • Speaker 5.25"



Customized design of Wall Speaker - best grade PP plastic/MDF used for solid acoustics. Output power range: 10W to 100WWide range includes multiple grill designs, color and sizes to match desired décor High graded PP Plastic/Metal rotatable clamp for wall mounting Cloth layer to protect speakers from dust.

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