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DJ Speaker PA System Passive Bocinas Stage Subwoofer Concert LoudSpeaker 12 inch

DJ Speaker PA System Passive Bocinas Stage Subwoofer Concert LoudSpeaker 12 inch

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Features :

* Best quality Medium Density Fiber Board & LDF from world's leading company of India in Boards/Ply manufacturing is being used like Green Ply in cabinet manufacturing.
* Sturdy construction and excellent finish with accurate dimension cutting on Automatic CNC machine
* Good quality Glass wool (fiber) used for proper sound absorption.
* High Quality Y-30 Approved Ferrite magnet & Compressor Driver with Y-30 Magnet
* Specifically Engineered two-way Crossover Network for best and perfect Sound
* A pair of Speak-on connectors is given for input and output for another setup.
* Metallic back plate with proper marking of connection for easy installation.
* Metallic handles for easy to carry or convenience
* Custom made design suitable for Professional use and produces soothing sound.
* Product available in texture-painted finish.


* Best quality solder used for strong connection between joints.
* Strongly etched thick copper layer track on FR & Glass epoxy sheet PCB's are used and components mounted carefully on proper space given in board.
* High quality adhesive and chrome polished nails are used for strong joints.
* Acoustically designed speaker for best indoor or outdoor Performance.

Technical Specifications :






Voice Coil



Hise 7x3 with Piezo Tweeter


135 mm


L350 X H575 X D334 (mm)


19.0 Kgs
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