5 Core European Travel Plug Adapter 6Pcs Europe to US International Power Universal Adaptor

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Plug Adapters to Embrace Every Adventure- 5 Core

  1. US to Europe Outlet Converter well suited for all European socket, including modern hexagonal plugs.

  2. Super Safe and Certified Outlet Converter with pure copper conductor & flame retardant ABS material.

  3. Versatile European US Plug Adapters to be used 2 pin plugs. Powering shavers, smartphones, and more.

  4. Compact Plug Adapter a Travel must have to convert hotel, office, airport plugs to match your needs.

  5. Multipurpose Universal International Plug Adapter includes 6 packs offering replacement when needed.

      Plug Adapters Description

      Experience seamless connectivity with our European travel plug adapter. Made from ABS flame-retardant material with pure copper capacitor components, these travel adapters ensure safety and durability throughout your journeys. Its sleek design complements your travel gear while providing a reliable voltage current of 6A/125-250V and a maximum power output of 600W.

      Say goodbye to compatibility concerns; this adapter effortlessly fits your electronic devices for a hassle-free travel experience. Stay powered up wherever your adventures take you, ensuring you’re always connected and ready to explore. These premium adapters keep your devices charged and your travel uninterrupted.

      Please note: These are travel plug adapters, not voltage converters.



      Certified Plug Adapter

      Easy to Use

      Durable Plug Converter

      Compact Design

      Compliance with safety standards and certifications for peace of mind while using this European travel plug adapter.

      User-friendly travel adapter design for effortless insertion and removal of the plugs.

      Robust construction and quality materials to withstand frequent use and travel wear and tear.

      Portability and a compact travel plug design make it easy to carry in your luggage, bag, and pocket.


      Adapters specification:

      • Color: Black
      • Maximum power: 600 W
      • Capacitor material: Copper
      • Voltage current: 6A/125~250V
      • Material: ABS flame-retardant material

      Package includes:

      • 6x Plug adapter

      About Brand

      5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USA. Offering 600+ products since 1984. Tested and Certified Products, ensuring highest quality and reliability.


      Our store offers various plug adapters. If you prefer a white version, kindly visit our Travel Adapter page.

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