5 Core Speaker Wall Mount • Heavy Duty Bookshelf Mounting Bracket • Angle & Length Adjustable

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About Speaker Wall Mount

  1. Safe and Secure Soundbar Mount is made of reinforced solid steel. The soundbar wall mount can hold up to 100 lbs/45kg.

  2. Telescoping Arm Extends up to 6 positions from wall, with 180° left-to-right and 60° up-and-down motion.

  3. Adjustable Mount Bracket with special pivot head features 180°tilt based on 7 holes to set the angle of your monitor speaker.

  4. The Universal Soundbar Mount is compatible with most speakers in the market.

  5. Versatile Speaker Bracket adaptable to various settings such as homes, offices, and public places.



    Speaker Wall Mount Description

    Elevate your audio experience with our safe and secure soundbar wall mount. Made from reinforced steel, this surround speaker holder this speaker wall mount bracket offers six adjustable positions, granting flexibility with a 180-degree left-to-right and 60-degree up-and-down motion. The adjustable mount bracket, featuring a special pivot head, provides a 180-degree tilt across 7 holes for customizable angles.

    Compatible with most speakers on the market, this Universal Soundbar Mount is a versatile solution adaptable to various settings -be it homes, offices, or public places. Elevate your sound, elevate your space.

    Speaker Wall Mount Features

    Boom Arm Length

    Swivel Left to Right

    Tilt Up or Down

    Innovative Design

    Bracket lengths are adjustable and extendable on a 0.8in/20mm basis, allowing for universal speaker compatibility.

    Our unique swivel hinge allows horizontal adjustment up to 180° in either direction to optimize acoustics.

    The solid steel bolt allows for vertical adjustment up to 60°, providing an optimal listening angle.

    The innovative design of the pivot head enables flexibility to the utmost extent, allowing a 180-degree swivel at desire.


    Product Specification

    • Color: Black
    • Material: Metal
    • Fit: Universal
    • Type: Bracket Mount
    • Carry Weight Capacity: Up to 100 lbs
    • Tilt Angle Adjustment: ±60° up and down plus 180° adjustment in total
    • Swivel Angle Adjustment: 180° left to right

    Package Included

    • 2 x Wall Ceiling Bracket Mount fits all speakers.


    Question: What is the weight capacity of the speaker holder?

    Answer: The speaker holder has a loading capacity of up to 100 lbs/45kg.

    Question: Can the speaker wall mount be used for both wall and ceiling mounts?

    Answer: Yes, the holder is designed for both wall and ceiling mounts.

    Question: Is the installation difficult?

    Answer: No, installation is quick and easy and can be completed within minutes.

    Question: Does the holder offer any adjustability for sound projection?

    Answer: Yes, the holder features an adjustable pivot head that allows for a 180-degree swivel at any angle, as well as vertical adjustment up to 60 degrees up or down for optimal listening angle.

    Question: What types of speakers are compatible with this holder?

    Answer: The holder is designed to be universally compatible with the majority of speakers brands available in the market, including small or large speakers.

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